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Did Winter the Dolphin Have to Lose H...

Abundant Mystic Dolphin Healing
One of the advantages of having a super sensitive fairy child is that I get to see movies that I would normally skip. Yeah sure, part of me wishes that Ella was into Harry Potter-y-ish types of movies… But she’s not (and another part of me is actually really happy that she’s not ready for scary stuff… even magical scary stuff!) So last week w [...]

3 Simple Steps to Instantly Increase ...

Abundant Mystic Intuition Intention
After the last post about NOT listening to your intuition I got a bunch of emails asking for tips on how to increase intuition. Well, this is one of my favorite topics! For the past 20-years I’ve been actively engaged in awakening my Intuition and discovering ways to use it to create more abundance. And based on the response from the Abundant [...]

Don’t Listen to Your Intuition

Abundant Mystic Intuition Image
  “Take this exit.” “Huh?” “Take this exit.” “Why? You know this way takes at least 5-minutes longer!” “Take this exit.” It wasn’t exactly a conversation. Not as if someone was sitting in the car next to me, navigating. More like a feeling or a knowing sense that came from deep within me. It was 1997 and I was about 6-months into a 2-yea [...]

Dolphins, Magic & Manna

Abundance Dolphin Quote Image
The crystalline water seemed to be alive… No, it was alive! As I floated in the warm embrace of the ocean rays of light shone down into the depths… or was the light streaming up from below? The more I connected with the light, the more it seemed to be carrying messages from below. Shapes and shadows drifted slowly beneath me. This was one of [...]

Is Your Inner Self Blocking Your Abun...

Abundant Mystic Self Sabotage
I was standing in front of a roomful of people I had met that morning talking with one of my long-time spiritual “heroines” Shakti Gawain. It was the first day of a Voice Dialogue workshop at Shakti’s home and she had invited me to be her demonstration participant in front of the group. I was nervous and unsure… not knowing what to expect or [...]

Reflections On Half A Century

Abundant Mystic Reflections - Goodness & Perfection
As I cross the threshold into the second half century I wanted to give you something extra special to honor and acknowledge some of what I have learn during the first 50-years and some of what I am leaning into moving into this next chapter. So I’ve written some reflections on a half-century of life. These are just a few of the most important [...]

What is your Scarcity Hot Button?

Scarcity Habit Gas Prices
Have you ever driven an extra couple of miles to get the cheapest gas? I used to do that all the time… especially when gas prices out here in California started going up over $4.00/gallon for the first time. It’s easy to get caught in the “bargain” mentality and not stop to take the time to actually think about it. A few years ago I finally, [...]

Want to Improve FAST? Play with someo...

Improve Your Life - Play Better
As a teenager, I used to play quite a bit of tennis. I got fairly good… advanced intermediate level, and I remember the inner battles I had with myself. One part of me wanted to play against someone I knew I could beat. Another part of me wanted the challenge of playing against someone better than me. It was a constant inner struggle. And bac [...]

Wasabi Peas have a 1000 Year Shelf Li...

Wasabi Peas - Abundant Mystic
Do you like Wasabi Peas? I must admit that I love the crunch and texture of them. But most of all I love the ZING that comes when the Wasabi kicks in! The other day I popped a handful into my mouth anticipating that little blast of Wah. Waiting for it, I happened to notice the expiration date on the bag. It read, “Best by, 093015.” And I thou [...]

Do you FEEL the World?

Last Thursday, when I heard the news that an airliner had been shot down and Israel had launched a ground invasion into Gaza I was not surprised. Modern Day Mystics like you and me are tuned into the more than physical world. We feel the underlying, unseen energy flows moving through the world. Sometimes we feel just the world close in – [...]

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