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Don’t worry if you don’t feel it yet…
With my guidance and the support of the Abundant Mystic Tribe… You will!

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Welcome to the Abundant Mystic rEvolution!

A nd you definitely ARE VERY welcome here!

Your presence here says a lot about you… it tells me that you are ready for a change in your life… no, not just a change… a transformation… an awakening!

You are ready to step into your birthright of True Abundance and Real Freedom. You are ready to  experience life as an Abundant Mystic… a life of freedom filled with joy, prosperity, purpose, peace, vitality, connection and love.

And to that I give a big Abundant Mystic Aho, Yes, Amen, Hazah… and all of that good stuff!

T he intention of this Abundant Mystic Tribe is to be a space where YOU – the heroines and heroes of our Awakening New Earth – can gather and experience a deep sense of belonging…

This is where we come together into a global community of like-minded lightworkers and love warriors.

Here you will find the support, encouragement, connection, training, mentoring and high vibrations that will allow you to thrive on your Journey of Awakening.



Edward’s Story

At the start of my freshman year at Syracuse University my brand new roommate, who I had just barely met, walked up to me in our dorm room. Standing much too close for my comfort, with one eyebrow raised, he fixed his eyes on me with a penetrating stare as if sizing me up for some important mission.

We stood there for an awkward moment while I also sized him up, wondering if I had been paired with a total nutcase as my first college roommate

Then he slowly took his hands out from behind his back, held up a small paperback book with a pink cover and, with that single eyebrow still raised and unblinking eyes, in a hushed, conspiratorial tone he said, “You have to read this.”

Clearly I was being initiated into some secret society. This book was the key that would open me to a new world… a world that had been unavailable to me in the conservative, Boston suburb I had just left.


Edward’s Story

Standing much too close for my comfort, one eyebrow raised, my brand new college roommate fixed his unblinking eyes upon me as if determining if I was qualified for some important mission. It was the first day of my freshman year at Syracuse University.

We stood there for an awkward moment while I also sized him up, wondering if I had been paired with a total nutcase as my first college roommate

Then, as if determining that I was prepared for some great challenge, he slowly took his hands out from behind his back, held up a small paperback book with a pink cover. I glanced at the book and quickly back up to his face as he said, in a hushed, conspiratorial tone, “You have to read this.”

Clearly, he was insane, and I now had an entire school year to share the tiny dorm room.

Or was he?


Praise for Edward Mills

Edward truly embodies what it means to be an Abundant Mystic. He doesn’t just teach this work, he lives it. His desire to be of service and deep care for those he serves always come through during our conversations. Edward uses his work and his life to remind us that love IS the reason.

Marci Shimoff#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Edward Mills is a super nice, super smart guy who puts on powerful events. He's also one of the most genuine people in this business, and has cultivated a community of like-minded people. In other words, he's up to some great things -- he's a peep!

Derek RydallBest-Selling Author, Coach, Founder of The Law of Emergence and Emergineering

As the sacred is at the center of all that I do, I notice when people bring devotion and sacredness to their work and to their spiritual path. Edward Mills is consistently willing to take the difficult steps necessary toward his journey of awakening, and to be in service to the awakening of others. There is integrity in all that he does.

Anodea JudithFounder, Sacred Centers

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