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8 Steps For Effective Emotional Relea...

Abundant Mystic Emotional Release
Did you know there is a HUMBUG DAY? That’s right, it’s an official “holiday” coming up on December 21st. And, strange as it may be, it actually makes sense. Humbug Day “encourages a controlled venting of all that stress before Christmas so that you can enjoy the festive season to the fullest.” I wonder what the [...]

Your Purpose IS Your Path

Edward Mills Purpose Is Path Image
What if your every thought had immense and far-reaching effects? What if every word you spoke transformed the world around you? And what if every action you took influenced the course of events? A pebble thrown into a pond cannot see the ever expanding ripples it creates in the surface of the water. It has long sunk to the bottom by the time [...]

Grow The Seeds of Success In The New ...

Abundant Mystic Changes Ahead
Let me ask you a quick question: Which Month is the Most Important month? Well actually this is a bit of a trick quick question… Because the answer is that whatever month you’re in is the most important month! In every moment you have the ability to shift your focus, change a habit, dissolve a limiting belief…  You have the opportunity to sta [...]

An Elemental Prayer of Gratitude and ...

Abundant Mystic Elemental Prayer Image
With deep respect and great gratitude I call upon the Elemental Forces. I welcome these intelligent energies to enter into our presence and bring their clearing, healing and transformational blessings. Element of Earth. Welcome. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your gifts of strength, structure and stability. Thank you Earth for co [...]

Introverts Extroverts and Awakening

Over at The Abundant Mystic Tribe we’ve had some great conversations about Introversion and Extroversion and how where we fall on that spectrum influences and impacts our Awakening Journey. Just came across this really incredible video that gets right to the heart of the Introvert Extrovert discussion. It’s not focused on the Awakening [...]

From Wounded Healer to Abundant Mysti...

Wounded Healer - Abundant Mystic
Have you ever been told to “Get over it?” Perhaps it was said with a snide look or a rolling of the eyes and an attitude of giving up on you. Or maybe it was offered by someone you actually turned to for support. They may have even said it lovingly as in, “Isn’t it time to move on?” The first time I watched the movie, The Secret, I heard Jac [...]

…Until You’ve Walked In Their M...

Edward Mills Quote - Old Shoes
There’s a Native American saying that goes something like this: “Don’t pass judgment on another person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins.” It’s easy to pass judgment on others. I still do it: “Why did they take up 2 spaces when they parked?” “Why is he just standing there, in the way, so no one else can get by?” “If they’r [...]

Elemental Repatterning and Vision Que...

Elemental Repatterning and Vision Quest Journal
Do I have a story for you! I just finished an Elemental Repatterning Space Clearing session and … whoa! This was the first time I’ve experienced anything like this. The 4 Elements all came together and took the form of a man. Instantly, my client said something I couldn’t quite hear. Oh wow… I think I still need a little time to integrate thi [...]

Did Winter the Dolphin Have to Lose H...

Abundant Mystic Dolphin Healing
One of the advantages of having a super sensitive fairy child is that I get to see movies that I would normally skip. Yeah sure, part of me wishes that Ella was into Harry Potter-y-ish types of movies… But she’s not (and another part of me is actually really happy that she’s not ready for scary stuff… even magical scary stuff!) So last week w [...]

3 Simple Steps to Instantly Increase ...

Abundant Mystic Intuition Intention
After the last post about NOT listening to your intuition I got a bunch of emails asking for tips on how to increase intuition. Well, this is one of my favorite topics! For the past 20-years I’ve been actively engaged in awakening my Intuition and discovering ways to use it to create more abundance. And based on the response from the Abundant [...]

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