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You Can’t Find What You Already Are

The Abundant Mystic - See Abundance
There I was, looking for my glasses. I knew they were around since I had definitely taken them off in that room. But the more I looked, the more I began doubting and questioning. Maybe I had left them in the bathroom. So I went and checked there. Nope. The kitchen? Nope. Are you groaning now, waiting for the punchline… You know… [...]

How the Power of Vision Creates The L...

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the last few years I’ve taken this opportunity to watch the inspiring “I have a dream” speech he gave in August of 1963 in Washington DC, MLK understood the importance of having a vision. He knew that, if held firmly, consistently and clearly, a strong vision has the power to [...]

Towards Spontaneous Healing

I’ve been very interested in the practical and esoteric applications of energy “healing” lately… This involves healing on multiple levels including the physical body. Contemplating the role of healing as it relates to our spiritual awakening process has led to some profound insights… It’s also led to some very interesting opportunities [...]

Ritual Not Resolution

abundant-mystic-rituals-of-renewal (2)
Yesterday was the first day of my annual New Year’s cleanse/detox. It was wonderful to notice how “normal” and easy it was to start this on the first Monday of the New Year… and then to remember how “not-normal” and “not-easy” it felt when I began. It reminded me of the importance of creating regular rituals and rhythms in your l [...]

A Simple Ritual for Releasing What Ho...

Abundant Mystic New Year Releasing Ritual
This is a potent time of year. Over millennia, a vast storehouse of “Letting Go” energy has built up around this season. Whether you have just begun your journey back out of the darkest time of year (here in the Northern Hemisphere) or just beginning your journey into the darkness (in the South) you can tap into that storehouse of collective [...]

The Patience of Unanswered Prayers

Abundant Mystic Deeper Treasure
One of my new favorite books is Howard Thurman’s Meditations of the Heart. It is filled with beauty, compassion, wisdom and inspiration. One of the Meditations that recently caught my attention is titled, The Patience of Unanswered Prayers. Have you experienced unanswered prayers? Have you ever hoped and wished and prayed for something that s [...]

8 Steps For Effective Emotional Relea...

Abundant Mystic Emotional Release
Did you know there is a HUMBUG DAY? That’s right, it’s an official “holiday” coming up on December 21st. And, strange as it may be, it actually makes sense. Humbug Day “encourages a controlled venting of all that stress before Christmas so that you can enjoy the festive season to the fullest.” I wonder what the [...]

Your Purpose IS Your Path

Edward Mills Purpose Is Path Image
What if your every thought had immense and far-reaching effects? What if every word you spoke transformed the world around you? And what if every action you took influenced the course of events? A pebble thrown into a pond cannot see the ever expanding ripples it creates in the surface of the water. It has long sunk to the bottom by the time [...]

Grow The Seeds of Success In The New ...

Abundant Mystic Changes Ahead
Let me ask you a quick question: Which Month is the Most Important month? Well actually this is a bit of a trick quick question… Because the answer is that whatever month you’re in is the most important month! In every moment you have the ability to shift your focus, change a habit, dissolve a limiting belief…  You have the opportunity to sta [...]

An Elemental Prayer of Gratitude and ...

Abundant Mystic Elemental Prayer Image
With deep respect and great gratitude I call upon the Elemental Forces. I welcome these intelligent energies to enter into our presence and bring their clearing, healing and transformational blessings. Element of Earth. Welcome. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your gifts of strength, structure and stability. Thank you Earth for co [...]

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