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Elemental Repatterning and Vision Que...

Elemental Repatterning and Vision Quest Journal
Do I have a story for you! I just finished an Elemental Repatterning Space Clearing session and … whoa! This was the first time I’ve experienced anything like this. The 4 Elements all came together and took the form of a man. Instantly, my client said something I couldn’t quite hear. Oh wow… I think I still need a little time to integrate thi [...]

Did Winter the Dolphin Have to Lose H...

Abundant Mystic Dolphin Healing
One of the advantages of having a super sensitive fairy child is that I get to see movies that I would normally skip. Yeah sure, part of me wishes that Ella was into Harry Potter-y-ish types of movies… But she’s not (and another part of me is actually really happy that she’s not ready for scary stuff… even magical scary stuff!) So last week w [...]

3 Simple Steps to Instantly Increase ...

Abundant Mystic Intuition Intention
After the last post about NOT listening to your intuition I got a bunch of emails asking for tips on how to increase intuition. Well, this is one of my favorite topics! For the past 20-years I’ve been actively engaged in awakening my Intuition and discovering ways to use it to create more abundance. And based on the response from the Abundant [...]

Don’t Listen to Your Intuition

Abundant Mystic Intuition Image
  “Take this exit.” “Huh?” “Take this exit.” “Why? You know this way takes at least 5-minutes longer!” “Take this exit.” It wasn’t exactly a conversation. Not as if someone was sitting in the car next to me, navigating. More like a feeling or a knowing sense that came from deep within me. It was 1997 and I was about 6-months into a 2-yea [...]

Dolphins, Magic & Manna

Abundance Dolphin Quote Image
The crystalline water seemed to be alive… No, it was alive! As I floated in the warm embrace of the ocean rays of light shone down into the depths… or was the light streaming up from below? The more I connected with the light, the more it seemed to be carrying messages from below. Shapes and shadows drifted slowly beneath me. This was one of [...]

Is Your Inner Self Blocking Your Abun...

Abundant Mystic Self Sabotage
I was standing in front of a roomful of people I had met that morning talking with one of my long-time spiritual “heroines” Shakti Gawain. It was the first day of a Voice Dialogue workshop at Shakti’s home and she had invited me to be her demonstration participant in front of the group. I was nervous and unsure… not knowing what to expect or [...]

Reflections On Half A Century

Abundant Mystic Reflections - Goodness & Perfection
As I cross the threshold into the second half century I wanted to give you something extra special to honor and acknowledge some of what I have learn during the first 50-years and some of what I am leaning into moving into this next chapter. So I’ve written some reflections on a half-century of life. These are just a few of the most important [...]

What is your Scarcity Hot Button?

Scarcity Habit Gas Prices
Have you ever driven an extra couple of miles to get the cheapest gas? I used to do that all the time… especially when gas prices out here in California started going up over $4.00/gallon for the first time. It’s easy to get caught in the “bargain” mentality and not stop to take the time to actually think about it. A few years ago I finally, [...]

Want to Improve FAST? Play with someo...

Improve Your Life - Play Better
As a teenager, I used to play quite a bit of tennis. I got fairly good… advanced intermediate level, and I remember the inner battles I had with myself. One part of me wanted to play against someone I knew I could beat. Another part of me wanted the challenge of playing against someone better than me. It was a constant inner struggle. And bac [...]

Wasabi Peas have a 1000 Year Shelf Li...

Wasabi Peas - Abundant Mystic
Do you like Wasabi Peas? I must admit that I love the crunch and texture of them. But most of all I love the ZING that comes when the Wasabi kicks in! The other day I popped a handful into my mouth anticipating that little blast of Wah. Waiting for it, I happened to notice the expiration date on the bag. It read, “Best by, 093015.” And I thou [...]

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