Create Personal Prosperity While Making the World a Better Place

Reactions = Hidden …

Don’t you love when a new and unexpected insight comes into your awareness? Last week I had the opportunity to learn something very important about reactions… an insight that will expand your capacity to create rapid transformation and positive change in your life! Before we get to that though, have you ever considered the difference between [...]

How to Merge Action and Essence

Hand with swirling form
Have you ever felt like a ship without a rudder… or how about a hamster on one of those wheels? You’re taking action, you’re doing stuff and it seems like you should be getting somewhere, but you’re just not? Know that feeling? I’ve definitely been there! And I agree with you… it’s not fun! But there is actually a very simple reason fo [...]

How to Embrace Self-Love

I could sense the tension she was holding… It was during a private Energy Coaching session and as I intuitively scanned my client I could see and feel the blocks within her energetic and emotional systems… and it was very clear the ways these blocks were holding her back. She had just shared about an interaction with a “friend.” This friend [...]

How to Plug Into the Gaian Grid

There’s just something about getting out into the wild world in the rain. On Sunday, I unplugged for most of the day, broke out my old rain pants, put on my rain jacket and headed out to the woods for a few hours of frolicking (that’s a good word… frolic!) around in the pouring rain. It was super fun walking (occasionally falling) down trail [...]

Was Your Higher Purpose Squashed at B...

sunflower plant sprouts
I’m reading The Art of Happiness by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler. Just finished the chapter on Reclaiming Our State of Inner Happiness. In it, they challenge the view of many (most) scientists, who up until very recently suggested that human nature is basically selfish and aggressive. In addition to the outward and obvious [...]

The Holographic Universe… For R...

Abundant mystic - holographic universe
Talk about “There Is No Spoon” here’s a Mind-Bender… Scientists are starting to think that our 3D “Reality” may actually be a projection of a 2D data set. Yup… all those metaphors about this life being just like a movie projected onto a screen may be a lot closer to “reality” than we thoug [...]

You Can’t Find What You Already Are

The Abundant Mystic - See Abundance
There I was, looking for my glasses. I knew they were around since I had definitely taken them off in that room. But the more I looked, the more I began doubting and questioning. Maybe I had left them in the bathroom. So I went and checked there. Nope. The kitchen? Nope. Are you groaning now, waiting for the punchline… You know… [...]

How the Power of Vision Creates The L...

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For the last few years I’ve taken this opportunity to watch the inspiring “I have a dream” speech he gave in August of 1963 in Washington DC, MLK understood the importance of having a vision. He knew that, if held firmly, consistently and clearly, a strong vision has the power to [...]

Towards Spontaneous Healing

I’ve been very interested in the practical and esoteric applications of energy “healing” lately… This involves healing on multiple levels including the physical body. Contemplating the role of healing as it relates to our spiritual awakening process has led to some profound insights… It’s also led to some very interesting opportunities [...]

Ritual Not Resolution

abundant-mystic-rituals-of-renewal (2)
Yesterday was the first day of my annual New Year’s cleanse/detox. It was wonderful to notice how “normal” and easy it was to start this on the first Monday of the New Year… and then to remember how “not-normal” and “not-easy” it felt when I began. It reminded me of the importance of creating regular rituals and rhythms in your l [...]

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