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Take Your Life Off Hold

Dream BIG - Take Action - Abundant Mystic
Have you ever felt like your life was “on hold?” It’s easy. We do it a lot… usually without even noticing. I’m noticing it very acutely right now. With my Aunt in the final moments of her life I notice the voice in my head saying: “You can’t start anything now. You’re going to have to leave at a moments notice to fly back east for the funeral [...]

Prayers and Perspective

Fragile Human Life - Abundant Mystic Image
This weekend another in a season of devastating wildfires burned through several communities in Northern California. One of those communities included Harbin Hot Springs, the beloved sanctuary for so many Modern Day Mystics. The fire began Saturday morning and by Sunday had exploded into a raging 40,000 acres of wind and drought fueled flames [...]

Thank you for this day Spirit!

Thank you for this day spirit - Abundant Mystic
We all have Power Places… these are the places that renew and restore and reawaken us. One of my Power Places is a local hot springs. I do my best to get up there at least once a month. I was there on Thursday and could feel the infusion of Cosmic and Gaian Energy clearing, cleansing and refilling me. After a beautiful night sleeping ou [...]

This Too Shall Pass… Won’...

You are on a magnificent journey
A long time ago in a mountainous region of China a farmer lived with his wife and son. He was known to the rest of the villagers as both wise and a little odd. They couldn’t quite understand him but they knew that he would always provide excellent advice in difficult situations. One day, the farmer’s horse ran off to the mountains. His friend [...]

How Your Heart’s Intuitive Inte...

Heart Intuitive Intelligence
Can you really make a difference in the world? Does what you do and how you do it have an impact on those around you? Is your increasing capacity to open to your heart’s intuitive intelligence going to change the world? I believe so. And so does the Institute of HeartMath’s founder Doc Childre who writes: As more of humanity pract [...]

10 Simple Ways to Energize Your Home

Law of Entropy and Home Clearing
Most of us wouldn’t want to live in a home that was filled with dirt and dust and trash. That’s why you clean the house on a regular basis… taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, sweeping, dusting and even cleaning the toilet once in a while. Obviously we all define “clean” in different ways and have different tolerance levels for “dirti [...]

Awesome Lightning Storm From Space

This video, taken from the International Space Station really helps to bring some perspective to our lives! And it gives you a sense of expanded respect for the Elements as you watch the incredible display of lightning!

How to Quiet the Voices in Your Mind ...

If you’re like me, and most people, there are times when the voices in your head feel overwhelming and even overpowering. How do you stop these voices? How do you quiet the chatter in your mind? How do you find your way back to a place of peace and presence? Knowing the answer to these questions and mastering this skill is very importan [...]

12 Ways to Bust out of Spiritual Seri...

I admit that there have been times in my life (like yesterday for instance!) when I’ve taken this whole Spiritual-Growth-Awakening-Transformation thing a bit too seriously! Maybe you know what I’m talking about… carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders can feel pretty darn serious! But, let’s face it… it̵ [...]

Your (re)Birth

Abundant Mystic Rebirth - New Day
There’s a little patch of blue shining through the low clouds hanging over the headlands. I’m sitting by the window at my favorite new restaurant out at the coast. The Russian River is across the street. The Pacific Ocean is just around the bend. A flock (is that what you call it) of cormorants are splashing and playing across the river. As I [...]


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