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Your (re)Birth

Abundant Mystic Rebirth - New Day
There’s a little patch of blue shining through the low clouds hanging over the headlands. I’m sitting by the window at my favorite new restaurant out at the coast. The Russian River is across the street. The Pacific Ocean is just around the bend. A flock (is that what you call it) of cormorants are splashing and playing across the river. As I [...]

How to Connect with Your Divine Gift

Abundant Mystic - Your Divine Gift
You have a powerful and unique Divine Gift. You were born with the seed of this Divine Gift within you. The events of your life – the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly – have provided the fertile ground for this Divine Gift to grow. And now the time has come to for you to fully own this Divine Gift and share it with others… and with [...]

How to Nurture the Seed of Your Uniqu...

Abundant mystic sapling - blossom
“Duda, where’s Bapa?” Ella asked. (Duda is the name Ella calls me!) “I think he’s napping again.” I replied. “He sleeps a lot.” “Yes, he’s tired.” “Is he old?” She asked. How do I answer that? At 77 my father is certainly “older” than some. And I know plenty of people in their 70s who are fully alive, vibrant, enjoying life and continuing to [...]

Video – Jim Carey at Maharishi ...

Video Jim Carey Commencement Address Maharishi University
This is a fantastic 8-minute video with highlights from Jim Carey’s commencement speech at Maharishi University. Here are just a couple of highlights: “So many of us choose our path based on Fear Disguised as Practicality! What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. So we never dare to ask the Universe f [...]

Reactions = Hidden …

Don’t you love when a new and unexpected insight comes into your awareness? Last week I had the opportunity to learn something very important about reactions… an insight that will expand your capacity to create rapid transformation and positive change in your life! Before we get to that though, have you ever considered the difference between [...]

How to Merge Action and Essence

Hand with swirling form
Have you ever felt like a ship without a rudder… or how about a hamster on one of those wheels? You’re taking action, you’re doing stuff and it seems like you should be getting somewhere, but you’re just not? Know that feeling? I’ve definitely been there! And I agree with you… it’s not fun! But there is actually a very simple reason fo [...]

How to Embrace Self-Love

I could sense the tension she was holding… It was during a private Energy Coaching session and as I intuitively scanned my client I could see and feel the blocks within her energetic and emotional systems… and it was very clear the ways these blocks were holding her back. She had just shared about an interaction with a “friend.” This friend [...]

How to Plug Into the Gaian Grid

There’s just something about getting out into the wild world in the rain. On Sunday, I unplugged for most of the day, broke out my old rain pants, put on my rain jacket and headed out to the woods for a few hours of frolicking (that’s a good word… frolic!) around in the pouring rain. It was super fun walking (occasionally falling) down trail [...]

Was Your Higher Purpose Squashed at B...

sunflower plant sprouts
I’m reading The Art of Happiness by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler. Just finished the chapter on Reclaiming Our State of Inner Happiness. In it, they challenge the view of many (most) scientists, who up until very recently suggested that human nature is basically selfish and aggressive. In addition to the outward and obvious [...]

The Holographic Universe… For R...

Abundant mystic - holographic universe
Talk about “There Is No Spoon” here’s a Mind-Bender… Scientists are starting to think that our 3D “Reality” may actually be a projection of a 2D data set. Yup… all those metaphors about this life being just like a movie projected onto a screen may be a lot closer to “reality” than we thoug [...]

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