10 Simple Ways to Energize Your Home

10 Simple Ways to Energize Your HomeMost of us wouldn’t want to live in a home that was filled with dirt and dust and trash.

That’s why you clean the house on a regular basis… taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, sweeping, dusting and even cleaning the toilet once in a while.

Obviously we all define “clean” in different ways and have different tolerance levels for “dirtiness.” But we all have a clear sense of when we have reached our “maximum capacity” for dirtiness.

When it gets there, it doesn’t feel great.

Now the cool thing about physical dirt is that you can see it: You see the brown ring around the bathtub. It’s obvious when you can’t cram any more dirty dishes into the dishwasher. And you can always smell when it’s time for a “fridge-ectomy!”

Energetic House ClearingYou can certainly choose to “ignore” those signs for a while… but at some point you’ll do what’s needed to bring your home back down within your acceptable “dirtiness” zone!

Now there’s another level of “clean” in your house: one that you can’t “see” with your eyes or smell with your nose… but it’s a level of clean that is just as important to maintain… and just as – if not more than – disrupting to your state of mind and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

It is the energetic and vibrational level of your home.

And whatever you think or believe about “Energy” you have definitely had the experience of entering into a home or building that is energetically “dirty.”

You can feel the energy of a physical space as soon as you step into it.

Clear, clean energized sacred spaceYou don’t need to be highly intuitive or energy sensitive to know when you have entered a Sacred Space that is tended to – on all levels – with love and care. As soon as you step into the space you feel uplifted and expanded. You can take a big deep relaxing breath. Your mind gets focused and clear. You feel a deeper more visceral connection to your Infinite Nature.

And you don’t need x-ray vision to know when you’ve walked into a building that has been neglected. You feel it in your body as a sense of anxiety or a pressure. It’s just a little bit harder to take a deep breath. Your mind isn’t as clear and focused. Your vibrant energy level drops.

Ideally your home is a place of positive, expansive, uplifting energy. It is a reservoir of goodness that lifts you up, supports and protects you.

Now the problem – and the opportunity – is that, because of the Law of Entropy, “Negative” or chaotic energy accumulates naturally in our homes. Whereas “Positive” energy requires continuous attention in order to build up in our homes.

Law of Entropy and Home ClearingSo in order to create a reservoir of positive energy in your home you absolutely must focus your positive attention on your home on a regular basis.

When you do, the accumulated negative energy will begin to dissolve and diminish and the new positive energy will begin to accumulate and support you as you go about your daily life!

This positive attention does not have to take much time. But it does need to be done consistently.

Do you have a regular energetic “cleaning” schedule for your home’s energy?

If not, I recommend that you commit to doing at least a weekly energetic clearing on your home (daily is even better!)

Below are 10 ways that you can begin cleaning up the energy in your home.

All of them are simple, easy to do and free or cheap. They are listed – more or less – in the order from easiest and least expensive to a little less easy and a little more expensive!

house clearing child singingPlus most of them are fun enough that you can get the kids to help. And it’s a great way to give kids permission to do what they know… Make noise and play in multiple levels of reality at the same time!

And more importantly… it gives YOU permission to act like a kid again!

Now, for those of you who are experienced space cleaners, you’ll note that have NOT followed the “official” directions in listing these energetic space clearing options.

I’m definitely NOT a traditionalist. I’d much rather see you do something to clean the energy in your home than do nothing because you get caught up in all the detailed steps and instructions.

If you want to explore more detailed steps for any of these methods you can do more research online.

But for most of you, these simple guidelines will be more than enough to get you started on the path to a clear, clean, uplifting home with a great big reservoir of positive energy that supports, protects and nurtures you!

There are just two important instructions for all of the clearing modalities listed below:

First: Hold a positive intention as you’re doing the clearing. Take a moment before doing the clearing to set your intention for a clear, clean, uplifting home environment. I like to stop and call in a feeling of upliftment such as when I am out in Nature or in another Sacred Space. Awaken the feeling in you that you want your home to support. And hold that feeling as you do the clearing process.

Second: Be very clear that You are NOT taking on the negative energy of the house! This is so important, especially if you are empathic and sensitive. You will feel the negative energy that the house is holding. You may even feel the emotions that other residents in the house (past and present) were feeling when the house absorbed the energy. And you may have a default setting to “take on” that energy. Don’t do it! Set a very clear intention that the negative energy in the home is being dissolved, released, washed down into the Earth or carried away on the Wind. Use Active Imagination to “see” the energy moving OUT of the house… away from you!

As long as you follow those two instructions any of the clearing modalities below will work to create a positive, uplifting, supportive and protective energy environment in your home!

So here are the 10 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Energy in Your Home!

  1. Sing:
    Ok, I know… a lot of you “can’t sing!” Well, that’s what you were told. But the beauty of this is that you don’t need to be able to sing… It’s all about the vibrations. Your home doesn’t care if you’re on key or not. Just walk around the house “OM”ing or toning or chanting. You can sing uplifting songs that you know (I like “Here Comes the Sun” “I Can See Clearly Now” and “Let the Sun Shine In”) or you can make up silly songs about how clean and clear the energy in your home is. Volume does count here. This is not a time to be shy or question whether you can sing. Belt it out! Extra points if you can hear the neighbors laughing at you… because laughter helps to clear THEIR home!
  2. House clearing techniques open doors and windowsOpen doors and windows:
    This seems obvious but so many people don’t even think about opening their doors and windows. I remember when I was looking for an office years ago and how bizarre it was to me that most of the buildings I looked at had windows you couldn’t open. That’s just crazy! One of the fastest ways to clear out your space is to open the windows and doors and let the Element of Air come blowing through!
  3. Play uplifting music really loud!
    Yes, volume actually does matter here. You want the vibrations of the sound to actually penetrate into the walls and floors and even the foundation of your home to begin vibrating out the accumulated energetic “gunk.” Now, obviously don’t go so crazy that your neighbors start to hate you and the police come. And please do it at reasonable hour of the day. But do crank the music up as loud as you can. Oh, and remember it MUST be uplifting music… including the lyrics.
  4. Rosemary and Water:
    Get yourself a sprig of rosemary from the store (or if you live out here in Northern California – grab one from your yard!) fill a bowl of water and begin walking around the house. As you do, dip the rosemary in the water and sprinkle it around. You can add a few drops of essential oil into the water for an extra nice smelling cleanse.
  5. Salt before Vacuuming:
    Salt has long been known to absorb lots of yukky stuff… including energy! Every so often, before you vacuum or sweep up, sprinkle some sea salt on the floor and let it sit for a few hours. Make sure to get it under furniture and in the corners where “gunky” energy can tend to accumulate. Then go ahead and sweep or vacuum it up. Be sure to immediately empty your vacuum and deposit the salt you’ve swept up in the trash OUTSIDE your house.
  6. House Clearing with Sage Smudge Sticks“Smudge:”
    Smudging is a Native American tradition that uses Sage and/or other plants to clear, cleanse and sanctify a space. You can purchase smudge sticks or loose sage leaves online or often at health food stores. You can also use Cedar, Rosemary and sweet grass. If you’re in a pinch you can even use dried culinary Sage leaves (traditionalist will definitely scoff at this idea!) Once you have your Sage (or other material) light it and let the flame die out so that the leaves are just smoking. Then start slowly walking around the house directing the smoke into corners, around doorways, over and under beds, in closets… all the spaces where negative energy can gather. Be sure to carry the smudge stick or the loose sage leaves in a heatproof container so that embers don’t fall onto the floor. Traditionally the smoke is “directed” with a feather or feathers but that is not necessary. You can hold the smudge where you want the smoke to cleanse or blow the smoke in different directions. Best to do this with doors and windows open. And be sure you let other people in your house know when you are going to do it!
  7. Aromatherapy:
    Beautiful smells can do a lot to dispel dysfunctional energy. There are lots of great books and websites with specific suggestions for scents to clear negative energy. Personally, I like to use Essential Oils in a diffuser. You can find candle diffusers, Ultrasonic diffusers and reed diffusers (my favorite!) But you can also just put a few drops into a bowl of water. It’s amazing how it can instantly uplift the feeling in a room or home. To start out try Lavender, Sage, Peppermint and Cedar as clearing scents
  8. Add plants to the space:
    We have a powerfully symbiotic relationship with plants. As you probably already know, plants provide a significant percentage of the oxygen that we breathe… and they use a lot of the carbon dioxide we breathe out. Our waste is their energy and their waste is our energy. Very nice! It turns out that with just a few plants in a completely air-sealed room you would have enough air to survive (assuming you had food) for a LONG time! What you might NOT know is that plants also absorb negative energy in their environment… just like us! That’s a good thing when you are trying to clear the space in your home. Because it means that a few more plants will help to keep your space energetically clear. But it also means that you need to take care of your plants on an energetic as well as physical level. So take your plants outside once in a while. Let them get washed by the rain. Smudge them. Dust them. Love on them… and they will help keep your home space vibrant and alive.
  9. Home clearing with crystalsCrystals:
    Crystals can have a powerfully healing and cleansing effect on the energy of your home. You do have to take care of them and cleanse the Crystals… especially if you are using them specifically to clear your home. Plus it’s a great idea to clear and cleanse Crystals when you first get them. This can be done by putting them outside in the sun for a day, soaking them in salt water or smudging them (see above). Once you’ve cleaned your Crystals place them in areas of your home that need some cleansing. There are a virtually limitless number of Crystals you can use to clear your home. Do some research to determine the best for your specific situation. A few of the best Crystals for all around clearing and cleansing in your home include Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Jasper, Hematite, Obsidian and Tourmaline. There are many others, but if you want to keep it simple, start there.
  10. Sound Healing for House Clearing - TingshasSound Healing:
    Sound Healing is a broad term that can encompass anything from toning to chanting to gongs and bells and drums. It’s a powerful healing modality that works on your body at a cellular level. And it does the same thing with your home. The High Vibration Sounds get into the cellular structure of your home and literally vibrate out the lower, dysfunctional energies that are stuck in there. Now, I don’t recommend that you go out and purchase an arsenal of Sound Healing instruments. You’ve got plenty of other options to choose from. But if you are interested in exploring this, I definitely recommend starting with TingShas. They are inexpensive, easy to walk around with, and have a beautiful vibrational resonance that cuts through and dissolves stuck negative energy.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you do whatever you can to START your regular home energy clearing routine with a home that is already clear and clean right down to the foundations.

Sometimes that requires a little extra outside assistance. Just like when you call in a cleaning service or a carpet cleaning company to do a deep clean for you.

For the next week I am offering private Elemental Repatterning House Clearing Sessions at a deeply discounted rate.

You can get all the details and reserve your space here

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  • Well Edward you educated me on a subject I’ve never really thought a lot about. Yes I clean my house but I never really cleanse it. So on Friday when I clean I will also cleanse using quite a few of your suggests. I like the salt , sage and rosemary ideas.


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