3 Simple Steps to Instantly Increase Your Intuition

Abundant Mystic Intuition IntentionAfter the last post about NOT listening to your intuition I got a bunch of emails asking for tips on how to increase intuition.

Well, this is one of my favorite topics! For the past 20-years I’ve been actively engaged in awakening my Intuition and discovering ways to use it to create more abundance.

And based on the response from the Abundant Mystic Tribe it’s a topic that YOU’RE interested in too!

So here are 3 simple steps you can take to increase your intuition RIGHT NOW.

I can pretty much guarantee you that if you put these 3 simple steps into practice you will notice a dramatic increase in your intuitive guidance in just a few days!

Step 1. Set a CLEAR INTENTION to be more intuitive

I know this sounds like a no-brainer. But I’m amazed at how many people ask me how they can increase their intuition but when I check in it turns out that they haven’t actually set a clear and strong intention!

Your conscious intentions send a clear and powerful signal to your unconscious mind. So even if you think you are “working on” improving your intuition, your unconscious mind – which is critical to your intuition – may still be waiting for the green light that comes when you set a clear intention.

Here’s how to do it:

Get yourself into a calm, peaceful space. Settle into your Intuitive Sanctuary if you know how. Take a deep breath. And speak these words (or something similar).

“I consciously intend to enhance, improve and awaken my intuition. I choose now to open more fully to the Inner Wisdom and Higher Guidance available to me through my intuition. And so it is!”

That’s it!

But simple as it may seem… you’ll be amazed at how quickly your intuitive guidance ramps up after setting that clear intention!

Step 2. Spend 10-minutes a day in “dialogue” with your intuition.

This is incredibly important. When you do this you are making it CRYSTAL CLEAR that you are serious about opening to more of your inner guidance.

My favorite form of Inner Voice Dialogue is journaling.

Every morning, after my meditation, I spend at least 10-minutes in a “conversation” with my higher self. First I quiet my analytical mind and drop into my Intuitive Sanctuary space. Then I say hello to my higher self and we begin the conversation.

When I began this dialoguing process many years ago, it felt a little forced… as if I was making it all up.

But in a surprisingly short time I began to realize that there really is a very clear distinction between my “regular” voice and the voice of my higher guidance.

You can do this with writing, or speaking into a voice recorder, or even just having a conversation in your head.

Just commit to spending 10-minutes a day in dialogue with your intuitive guidance.

You will be amazed at how quickly your inner voice becomes more fully integrated into your daily life.

Step 3. Act on your Intuitive Guidance at least once a day.

One of the fastest ways to strengthen your intuition is to act on it.

When you receive clear guidance, take action. It doesn’t have to be big stuff. Stick with small things at first.

Maybe your intuition guides you to call an old friend. Do it!

Maybe your intuition guides you to read a certain book. Do it!

Maybe your intuition guides you to take a different route home. (Remember that story?)

Maybe your intuition guides you to … well you get the point. We’re not talking about Earth Shattering, paradigm shifting leaps of faith here.

In the beginning, it’s actually better – and more effective – to take small steps and show your intuition that you really are listening and acting on the guidance it shares with you.

When you do this on a daily basis it will strengthen your connection with your Intuitive Guidance. It will also strengthen your faith and trust in the guidance.

And that’s it. Those are the 3 simple steps to help you awaken your intuitive guidance!

Even if you do just one of these steps, it’s going to make a big difference in your relationship with your intuition.

So give at least one of these a try and let me know what happens.

I’d also love to hear your intuition-boosting tips and techniques. Leave a comment below to let us know.

Or, better yet, come join The Abundant Mystic Tribe and share your ideas with (and get awesome feedback from) this powerful group of Awakening Abundant Mystics!

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  • Kecia says:

    Great article Edward. My question: I sometimes tune in to a voice that seems to come from a place a couple of feet above my head, I call it my Higher Self or sometimes another person’s Higher Self, but now that I have read about your Intuitive Sanctuary Space that is in the center of the head, I wonder what the voice really is that I am communicating with. What would you call that voice?

    • Edward Mills says:

      Thanks Kecia!

      Two possibilities. Could be that your “bodies” are not fully integrated and aligned. Your Spirit body could be partially “disembodied” and hovering a bit above your physical body. This happens a lot with spiritual seekers… especially those into the yogic traditions that focus on transcending the body.

      The other possibility is that you are actually hearing Divine Guidance which is actually different from your Inner/Higher Guidance.

      I’m actually going to talk about this in the Energetics of Abundance call later today. It’s all about the Intuitive Sanctuary space, Higher vs Divine Guidance and Split Screen Perception. You can register here if you want to join us later today: http://secure.theabundantmystic.com/energetics-of-abundance/


    Excelent Edward, for me the best thing I do for my intuition is acnowledge it. Whenever I do what intuition tells me to do and there is an extremly succesfull result I say to me KEPP LISTENING AND RESPONDING! Besides meditation, cero stress, etc. Lowering your state not to alfa but even below.

    • Edward Mills says:

      Nice Jorge! Yes, every time you listen, act and acknowledge you are strengthening your intuition. And you’re right about the lower brainwave states. I like to drop down into theta during meditation but I find that being able to drop quickly into a nice solid Alpha state periodically throughout the day helps to keep me aligned with my intuitive guidance!

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