A Simple Ritual for Releasing What Holds You Back

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Abundant Mystic New Year Releasing RitualThis is a potent time of year.

Over millennia, a vast storehouse of “Letting Go” energy has built up around this season.

Whether you have just begun your journey back out of the darkest time of year (here in the Northern Hemisphere) or just beginning your journey into the darkness (in the South) you can tap into that storehouse of collective releasing energy in order to release the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, perspectives and energies that have held you back from the Life You Are Meant to Live!

At this time of year the collective energy of countless generations supports you in letting go of what no longer serves you and prepares you for your most abundant, joyful and awakened year ever!

This week’s Free Will Astrology Horoscope, from Rob Brezny, was another beautiful reminder of the importance of releasing and letting go BEFORE moving into the New Year. Here is what Rob wrote:

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end,” writes Paulo Coelho in his book The Zahir. Use this advice heroically in 2015, Virgo. Wield it to clear away anything that no longer serves you, that weighs you down or holds you back… “Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters,” Coelho says, “it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.”

And it doesn’t matter whether you are a Virgo or not. This is excellent advice for everyone at this time of year. Have you done your letting go for 2014?

Have you taken a look at what held you back this year and kept you from attaining your goals and manifesting your desires?

Here is a simple but immensely powerful ritual of releasing that you can do on your own (or in a group).

  1. Set up the Ritual Space:
    There are many ways to create a sacred ritual space. And whatever “method” you use, remember is that your intention is the most important piece. Hold a clear, strong intention and an attitude of appreciation and you will be more than halfway to the creation of your sacred space.Now, if you are completely new to ritual, here is one simple way to set up a powerful, safe, sacred space.Hold your intention clearly in your mind – in this case your intention would be the release of a specific thought, belief, pattern or habit that has held you back in 2014. Awaken an attitude of appreciation. Then speak these words (or something similar).

    “With deep respect and great gratitude I invoke the presence and the power of the light and love to hold and support me as I release that which has held me back and prevented me from living my full potential and creating the life I am meant to live. I call upon the Divine forces of good to witness and protect this sacred space so that I may safely let go of the resistance to my good.”

    If you have specific Guides, Angels or other Divine Beings or Energies that you feel called to invoke, welcome them into your Sacred Space.

    Once you have created your Sacred Space…

  2. Write down what you are releasing on a piece of paper:
    Take some time to feel into ONE thing that has held you back and kept you from living the life you know you are meant to be living. It may be a belief, a habit, an emotional or thought pattern or an energy. (You can also take time to do this before the ritual).Then as clearly and specifically as possible, write down this thing that has held you back. Include the thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions that come up when you think about it.Include as many of the ways that this thing has held you back as possible.How has it blocked you and prevented you from creating the life you want? How has it caused you to procrastinate and sabotage yourself? How has it caused you to suffer and struggle?List as many of these as you can think of. Be specific and clear. It’s important that you really let yourself feel and acknowledge the pain that this thought/belief/habit/pattern has caused you.

    The more you feel it, the more you will be able to release in the next steps!

    After writing it down…

  3. Read it:
    Yes, read it again. And more importantly… feel it again.Feel the ways this thing has blocked you and held you back from living the beautiful, vibrant, abundant, magnificent life you are meant to live.If you really let yourself feel it, there may well be emotions here… sadness, anger, regret, shame, blame. That’s great! It means you really are opening to feel the resistance and the ways it has negatively impacted you.It also means you are ready to release it. Everything you are feeling is ready to go.

    And within the Sacred Space you have created, you are not alone. You are held, witnessed and supported by a host of Light Beings. They will help you let go and release much more than you could on your own.

    And when you have read it again and let yourself feel it as fully as possible, the fun begins because now it’s time to…

  4. Burn it!
    It is highly recommended that you do this step outside!This is both for safety reasons as well as ritual reasons. Ideally, you want the smoke to release into the OUTSIDE air… not into your house!If you must do it inside make sure to do it safely. A wonderful way to do it inside is to use a large cast iron pan or other flame proof container. And make sure that you envision the energy you are releasing rising up THROUGH the ceiling and roof and dispersing into the air OUTSIDE!Abundant Mystic Fire Releasing RitualWhether inside or outside, as you prepare to burn it speak these words (or something similar):

    “With the power of this flame I release (name the thing you are releasing). May the Element of Fire gently burn away the (name the thing you are releasing) that has held me back from living my full potential. And like the smoke rising from this flame, may the Element of Air carry away the energy of (name the thing you are releasing) and leave me open to new perspectives, experiences and abundance in the coming year. And so it is!”

    As you burn the paper feel as fully as possible the thoughts, emotions, feelings and energies of the thing you are releasing being drawn out of you, burned away by the Fire and carried away with the smoke on the Air.

  5. [OPTIONAL] Bury the ashes in the Earth or release them into a body of water:
    This is optional but can really empower the process. After you have burned away whatever was holding you back, take the ashes and either bury them in a small hole in the Earth, or take them to a River or Ocean or Lake and release the ashes to the Water.As you do, envision the ashes being the fertile ground from which will rise the Phoenix in YOUR life.Powerful stuff!
  6. Close the Sacred Circle:
    Very important!Take a deep breath. Feel the changes within you. Feel the openness inside of you.Then thank the Divine Forces of Good and Light and Love along with any other Guides and Energies you called in for support, guidance and protection.

That’s it!

Congratulations on releasing that which no longer serving you and opening to receive more uplifting, positive energy and abundance in the coming year.

After you do your releasing ritual I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and share a little bit about your experience.

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