Did Winter the Dolphin Have to Lose Her Tail?

Abundant Mystic Dolphin Healing One of the advantages of having a super sensitive fairy child is that I get to see movies that I would normally skip. Yeah sure, part of me wishes that Ella was into Harry Potter-y-ish types of movies… But she’s not (and another part of me is actually really happy that she’s not ready for scary stuff… even magical scary stuff!)

So last week we saw Dolphin Tale 2.

We watched the first one a few months ago and it was actually a pretty decent family movie. I must admit, though, the previews for #2 looked a bit cheesy. So I didn’t have very high expectations going in.

But… this post isn’t about the movie… it’s about the story. The story of Winter, the Dolphin who lost her tail…

Oops! Sorry, if you didn’t know. Didn’t mean to spoil it for you… Except that all the previews show that she loses her tail. So you probably already knew that.

But my question is “Did she really NEED to lose her tail?”

Ok stick with me for a minute here.

You see, I’ve been connecting with the Dolphins for the last 4 years on the Big Island of Hawaii. And recently as I was preparing for the upcoming Hawaii Dolphin retreat in May, I was doing a little more research about them.

Turns out that Dolphins are truly masterful Healing Beings!

Nari_healing_-_Trevor_Hassard_TangaloomaCheck out this series of photos of a Dolphin who had a shark take a big bite out of its back!

But here’s the thing… the Dolphin didn’t die from that massive wound… in fact, it didn’t even end up with a very big scar!

Look at the final picture of the healing progression you can barely see where the bite was!

It’s amazing!

So why didn’t Winter’s injury heal? If Dolphins do have this miraculous healing ability (at least by human standards) why did they have to amputate her tail?

Being the curious Mystic that I am, I took some time to scan the energy around this and there are a couple of very clear and specific reasons why Winter couldn’t access the normal Dolphin Healing Energies.

In the movie they said blood circulation to her tail had been cut of by the ropes for too long.

And that’s definitely possible.

But what if there was more to it?

What if a Dolphin’s ability to heal is intimately tied to specific conditions in the wild… conditions that Winter didn’t have when they were trying to help her?

It’s pretty obvious that there is no way to duplicate the elemental conditions of the wild in an artificial environment. And I’m sure that there are physical aspects to the Dolphin’s conditions – temperature changes, oxygen levels, currents, microscopic organisms and more – that could never be replicated in captivity.

But that’s actually NOT what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about a deeper level of healing!

When I feel into the Dolphins’ healing abilities I sense a truly incredible and powerful collaborative healing process between the Dolphins and the Element of Water.

Dolphins are creatures of both the Air and Water Elements. But Water has become their chosen home.

During the Elemental Repatterning Space Clearings I’ve been doing the healing power of the Water Element has become very clear. I’ve seen the cleansing and healing capacity of the Water and it’s just incredible to watch and experience how quickly and easily the Water can cleanse and heal a physical space and a human body!

And when I tune into the Dolphins it is equally clear that the Water Element contributes to and co-creates their healing process.

When the Dolphin is in captivity – even in a facility with the most noble intentions – their connection to the Water Element and the Water’s capacity to heal is diminished significantly

In the wild, Dolphins have a direct connection to the powerful, pulsing Source of that fluid healing power… a Source that emanates from the deepest depths of the Ocean.

Remove the Dolphin from the Ocean and that connection is severed.

The second healing element that is missing for captive Dolphins is Community.

The healing power of community is well documented in humans. Why would it be any different for Dolphins? Dolphins are communal Beings. They almost always live in Pods or groups.

Being removed from your community – for a human or Dolphin – while recovering from an injury or illness adds an immense amount of stress to the system. (That’s why hospitals are one of the worst places for healing!)

Separated from your community you are removed from the powerful healing energies of your “tribe.”

Do Dolphins pray? I don’t know. But they absolutely can and do focus and project healing Energy. And when you’re part of the Pod, you are constantly being bathed in that healing energy.

In the movie, Dolphin Tale 2, there is a scene where they are trying to introduce Winter to Hope, a young Dolphin who was stranded and is too young to return to the wild. They are “hoping” that Hope will be Winter’s companion.

In the scene where the two Dolphins meet for the first time they show Hope using her echo location to scan Winter’s tail.

It’s a very dramatic scene and I won’t spoil it for you this time! 😉

But I swear, when I saw that scene, I could feel Hope sending healing frequencies to Winter’s tail!

Dolphins communicate emit super high frequencies both to communicate and to echo locate… to catch their dinner. They can emit and receive frequencies as high as 150kHz. To put that into perspective our hearing goes up to about 20kHz and our neighborhood dogs can hear up to 45kHz.

Dolphins emit and receive frequencies over 3 times HIGHER than dogs and more than 8 times HIGHER than us!

What do you want to bet that there are powerful healing vibrations in those sounds?

And I’d go even further out on a limb and bet that someday researchers will discover that there are “healer” Dolphins in each pod.

Just as there are Healers and Shaman in Indigenous villages – people with a natural and learned capacity to harness and weave healing energies – I believe that within each pod there is at least one Healer Dolphin who tends to the injured and sick pod-members.

The presence of the Healer Dolphin and their capacity to isolate and project specific healing frequencies within that massive range of vibrational tones accelerates the healing process.

So no matter how well-intentioned and skilled the medical treatments are in a rehabilitation facility they just cannot compare to the healing powers of the Water Element, the Presence of the Pod and the powerful Dolphin Healers available to an injured or sick Dolphin in the wild.

Dophin Tale 2 ImageSo did Winter need to lose her tail? Obviously we’ll never know.

But I do know that I’m going to be spending even more time tuning into the healing capacity of the Dolphins during our Magic, Mystery and Manna retreat.

I can tell that they have a LOT to teach me about the still mysterious process of healing… at least it’s still mysterious to us humans… The Dolphins seem to have it pretty well figured out!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and healing experiences with the Dolphins.

Leave a comment below!

Abundance Blessings


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  • Stefanie says:

    I have actually been to the rehab center and my family and I have asked a lot of questions about Winter as well as the other animals there. Winter did not necessarily wash up on shore. Dolphins and other sea animals like seals and whales will come on shore to conserve energy (and probably protect them from predators) if they are sick or injured. So she left the ocean on purpose. Also, as explained to us, she is unfit to return to the wild due to her condition because she would not survive. This is as instructed by the US government. Otherwise the main focus of the marine rehab facility is to release as many animals that they can help. Of course the movie is fairly informative but it is a movie not a documentary.

  • Diana says:

    Thank you so much, Edward , for all this insight. I will make a point to see both of these films (many family movies I find are far more advanced than movies fir adults. ) Perhaps you will meet up with one of the many animal communicators who can learn why she lost her tail. I found that story of the shark bite “almost “incredible because the dolphin dud heal. Dolphins are known to have no tolerance for the aggressive behavior of sharks, their natural predator, so the injured one put up determined counterattack.

    • Edward Mills says:

      The movies are very cute… and if you watch them with a deeper awareness of what is happening with the Dolphins they take on a more profound meaning.
      I wonder if the injured Dolphin fought off the shark or if other members of his/her pod put up the counterattack?

  • […] been back to the Big Island every year to swim with the Dolphins and learn more and more from these Master Healers… and I’ve checked off a whole bunch of new Bucket List […]

  • A Jonas says:

    I loved the first movie and I’m looking forward to seeing 2. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. Although I’ve never thought about what you presented and the level of healing capacity and the “healer” dolphin, with such an evolved species and obvious deep community I too envision that scenario. The thing I would like to present in answer to what you’ve posed: Did Winter have to lose her tail? I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Everything! Therefore, what Winter brought that boy, his family and all the many, many people that were touched and the evolution of the sanctuary being saved all came about because she lost her tail. Her story brought this all to be. Maybe this is all understood but since it wasn’t shown as an option I wanted to bring it to light.

  • Kaelian says:

    Hello! Thank you for sharing your deeper insights about these possibilities. I’ve never swam with dolphins nor experienced miraculous healings from anything (although I’ve never broken bones or found myself in absolutely horrific disasters…so far as I’m allowing myself to remember at this juncture) but I’m definitely open to these wonderful possibilities, and I understand also the ‘scientific’ aspects of the impact that we have in our environments and vice versa, and everything that you’ve writtedn here makes sense…. That was a long-winded way of expressing my appreciation for you directing your energy into putting these thoughts into public view, and I know that others resonate with it too. I wish prosperity to you and every one else who reads this! And anyone else who may never see it. Thanks for contributing to the goodness on this planet!

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