Do you FEEL the World?

feel-the-world-abundant-mysticLast Thursday, when I heard the news that an airliner had been shot down and Israel had launched a ground invasion into Gaza I was not surprised.

Modern Day Mystics like you and me are tuned into the more than physical world.

We feel the underlying, unseen energy flows moving through the world. Sometimes we feel just the world close in – our family and local community. But sometimes, when big events shake the world, we can, quite literally, FEEL the World!

All day long, on Thursday, I had felt a bit “off.” I woke up with strange aches in my body that had no apparent “cause.” I was tired. And I had to draw on all my will power to find my way back to center so that I could show up and lead the live call for the Breath of Creation program.

I make a point of avoiding the news as much as possible… I don’t want be distracted by our cultural obsession with all that is “wrong” and “bad” in the world. But it’s pretty impossible to avoid major events. So late in the day I heard about the plane and the escalating developments in the Middle East.

I was not surprised.

As a Modern Day Mystic this high-sensitivity can be a blessing and a curse… especially if you lack the tools to manage the energies in your environment… and beyond!

I remember way back in 1996 when I went to Burning Man … for the first and only time!

The festival, which now welcomes over 50,000 attendees was relatively small back then with just 12,000 slightly insane creative types building a small town and living in the middle of a desert for a week.

And it was probably the WORST time I could have gone… You see, I was in the first year of my two-year Master of Intuition Medicine training.

As I learned about the Human Energy Systems I was opening to the mystical abilities and sensitivity that I had shut down as a child. That was a great thing.

But at Burning Man I discovered I was opening faster than I was learning how to create strong, stable boundaries.

And if you’ve ever been to Burning Man you know that you need some seriously STRONG boundaries… There is a LOT of wild energy there… and not all of it is of the friendly, uplifting variety!

I spent the first two days pretty much flat out on my back in my tent with a wildly crazy migraine. It felt like I was being bombarded by out of control energies.

I almost left the festival… but my friend was having a great time… and he was driving!

So I stuck it out and used all the tools I had learned to ground and clear and protect my personal space.

On the morning of the third day I woke up feeling a little better.

So I wandered around a bit and enjoyed the amazing art installations and “creative camps that people had worked on for months before bringing to the Playa.” It really was incredible to see the awesome expressions of creativity all around.

And then I discovered the mud baths. Don’t know if they still have mud-baths at Burning Man. But back then they did. And these mud baths saved me!

Here’s how it worked… You got naked and rolled around in a mud pit!

Yes, trust me, my still recovering, East Coast, straight-laced, conservative part got all bent out of shape. But hey… When in Rome… Right?

The folks who ran the mud-baths had brought in huge tanks of water and sprayers that kept the area muddy.

You could actually “shower” underneath the sprayers and stay clean or “stop, drop and roll” around like a happy pig in the mud. That’s what most people were doing.

So I did it too!

And man… it was SO grounding. That connection with the Earth was exactly what I needed.

I left the mud on and ran around the Playa in the hot sun until it baked and hardened and cracked all over my body.

It created the perfect experience of being in-my-body. I could clearly feel where I ended and the rest of creation began. It helped me re-establish my boundaries so that I could move through the “village” without feeling constantly bombarded by the energies.

I ended up having a great time for the next few days… with at least a once-a-day stop at the mud baths!

And I was also very glad when it was over and I was home!

I had learned a valuable lesson (one that I’m still learning) about the balance between spiritual growth, expansion and opening and the need for strong boundaries and protection.

The Mystical Path is one of constant expansion, evolution and rebalancing. How can you continue to expand your spiritual sensitivity and mystical abilities without feeling (and being) overwhelmed by the energies in the world?

That is the beautiful, delicious journey and exploration you and I have chosen  in this life!

And finding the “right” balance can feel so challenging at times!

How do open more fully to feel the wonder and awe of a brilliant sunset without succumbing to the despair that seems to be waiting in every headline and news story?

How do open to the pure innocence and joy of a baby without falling into fear when you hear the latest news about war and violence?

How can you continue to open more fully to the beautiful, unique message the Divine has assigned to you to share without falling into hopelessness at the seeming impossible path of creating a world of peace, joy and love?

Oh… these are the big, beautiful challenges we have chosen to embrace on this life journey!

You have my deepest appreciation for saying YES to being here and embracing this beautiful life with all its beautiful challenges!


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  • Holly Davis says:

    I so love your story and journey. Maybe it explains so much about me and my feelings. That I can move in my private bubble where I can be protected against these energies. I can reflect on where I am at and continue as the person I am meant to be. Expressing my self and the Joy and Bliss the Beautiful Person that I Am. Perfect Complete and Powerful. Pure expression of my Lord and Am in His works and employment all the time. So Much Love Always

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