Dolphins, Magic & Manna

The crystalline water seemed to be alive… No, it was alive!

As I floated in the warm embrace of the ocean rays of light shone down into the depths… or was the light streaming up from below?

Abundance Ocean LightThe more I connected with the light, the more it seemed to be carrying messages from below.

Shapes and shadows drifted slowly beneath me.

This was one of the days when the Dolphins were resting and traveling up the coast. They were not in their often playful, curious mood.

Yesterday’s swim had been such beautiful, joyous fun… being with these majestic creatures as they curiously came to watch us and say hello. Such blissful openings as we danced with them and they twisted and jumped and dove… inviting us to join them in their playful presence.

Today though they were resting. Even so, their Magical presence was equally strong, perhaps stronger.

Down there, swimming silently below us, they seemed not quite of this world. Almost as if they were partly shifted into some other realm, some other dimension.

Were they purposely swimming at the exact depth where I could just barely see them?

Did they know that if they went deeper they would disappear?

Were they sending messages to me on those light beams? Were sonic vibrational messages coming into my body at frequencies above what my ears could perceive?

Clearly these incredible beings were communicating with me, and with all of us who were open to receive their transforming messages.

Long dormant parts of my consciousness were awakened and activated. Dark corners of my awareness were cleansed.

The Dolphin’s messages washed through me in deep, energetic waves that have continued to unfold and integrate over time.

Each time I return to the Big Island of Hawaii to commune with these Spirit Beings new insights open and profound new awakening pathways activate within my consciousness.

Clearly, Dolphins are our teachers on the awakening journey. They have much to share with us about Breath, Balance, Ease, Grace, Flow, Connection and, of course, TRUE Abundance.

Abundance Dolphin Quote ImageBut I believe that we – especially those of us on the leading edge of awakening consciousness – also have lessons to offer them. I believe that is why these magnificent creatures are so curious about us. I believe it is why they WANT to connect with us.

It is as if we are peers and co-creators learning from each other and assisting one another on our awakening journey.

If you are reading this, it means the Dolphins have a gift or a message for you!

Take a moment to tune into this beautiful Medicine and see what message and guidance it has to offer you today!

Abundance Blessings


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  • evelynchuter says:

    Sounds like an amazing experience. I hope to swim with them one day. Such awesome animals.

  • I have never swim with dolphins but it sounds like a beautiful experience.

  • Michelle Morneau Morneau says:

    I have yet to swim with dolphins in this physical world… and reading Edward’s and seeing the picture of the magnificent beings, simply makes me smile, my heart open and feel the great peace, wonder and majesty these beings offer the world! How extraordinary!!!!

  • jodi says:

    Ive sied alongside dolphins during my teen years, every time we go out to see the Whales locally the dolphins are there too, I hear them easily, their joy their fun friendship, I’ve never felt fear around them, they are confident, in control, swift and responsive in joy and fun, whales are mystical and communicate also.

    • Joan Fast says:

      Yes! I went to Hawaii to swim with dolphins last year and my experience was exactly as you describe here. Some days it was all about play but there was a morning that was exactly as you describe. The rays of light, the alive crystalline waters, the dolphins swimming below at a distance but still visible making their huge presence known. Being present to their presence was an experience that made my heart and eyes feel like they could explode. I remember crying and having a feeling that I don’t have words to describe. I remember how strange it was to cry underwater with a mask on. All the same it was my way of releasing just enough to allow me to stay present to the dolphins and to the overwhelming and amazing feeling that my heart didn’t yet know how to contain. Wonderful to read your words and to be reminded of one of my most profound life experiences.


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