Don’t Listen to Your Intuition


Abundant Mystic Intuition Image“Take this exit.”


“Take this exit.”

“Why? You know this way takes at least 5-minutes longer!”

“Take this exit.”

It wasn’t exactly a conversation. Not as if someone was sitting in the car next to me, navigating.

More like a feeling or a knowing sense that came from deep within me.

It was 1997 and I was about 6-months into a 2-year Intuition Medicine Certification training and my inner guidance was definitely ramping up.

But my previously dominant analytical mind was still mostly in charge… and definitely wanted to keep it that way!

IT – my analytical mind – decided that it made absolutely no LOGICAL sense to take the route home that would be 5-minutes longer.

So we stayed on the freeway.

Well, wouldn’t you know it… there was an accident on the freeway! And our 5-minute shorter drive home ended up taking 25-minutes LONGER!

The longer we sat in that traffic jam the more I could sense my analytical mind slinking back into the corner.

Now, the cool thing is that the intuitive mind doesn’t go around saying “I told you so!” Unlike my analytical mind which is very adept – and loud – at pointing out when it has made the “right” decision.

No, the intuitive mind does not toot its own horn. It offers guidance quietly and consistently and is content whether you follow that guidance or not.

So experiences such as this one were crucial at that time in my intuitive development.

You see, if I had followed my intuitive guidance and gone the way it suggested I never would have “known” that my intuition was accurate. My analytical mind would have poo-pooed the decision, insisting that we had just wasted 5 entire minutes going the “wrong” way.

But because I didn’t follow my intuitive guidance we received crystal clear confirmation that the guidance was accurate and would have actually saved us 20-minutes!

This is a very important stage in almost everyone’s awakening journey.

Very few people – at least that I’ve met – have the ability to blindly trust their intuitive guidance.

Most of us require some kind of validation. That’s where these experiences of NOT following your guidance are very helpful.

Now, hopefully, you can start to trust your intuition after a few “gentle” validations – like getting stuck in traffic for a few extra minutes.

Some of us “hard cases” – yes I was one of them! – may require a few stronger validations. I had many of these experiences – not all of them gentle! – during that period when the balance of power within me was shifting from analytical to intuitive!

Would love to help ensure that YOU don’t need to have any of them!

So where are you on this journey of awakening to your intuition?

How often do you “hear” your inner guidance?

Do you trust your inner guidance consistently or do you question it?

Do you act on that inner guidance all the time, sometimes, only when it “makes sense” or never?

Do YOU have any intuitive “validation” stories you can share… you know times when you got very clear inner guidance to do one thing and went ahead and did another?

There are no right answers here. But it can be very helpful to take the pulse of your relationship with your intuition.

Go ahead and leave a comment below and share your stories of what happened when you didn’t listen to your intuition… the downside and the upside!

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  • Rasmus says:

    I like travelling a lot, and so two of my intuition-highlights are related to finding my way through the streets of an unknown city. I sometimes call this feeling “the warm path” because that is what it felt like when I walked through the Mall Road of Lahore and suddenly my gaze fell upon a small pedestrians path that led between two sand-coloured houses. I felt attracted to that path, it felt warm and I remember a warm feeling in my body too. I followed that path and it finally led me to a Sufi (an islamic mystic) who used to watch over the tomb of a Sufi-master by that time. I felt so guided and blessed to meet him and to see this place.
    On another occasion I was on the ferry from France to England. When we came closer to Dover (the british port) I asked the ferry staff for information about low-budget accomodation. I was told there was hardly anything in the low-budget range in town, and the youth hostel had burned down a couple of years ago. But I so much felt like falling asleep in a small, cosy and cheap hostel that night. When leaving the ship it was already dark. I got to different hotels, the cheapest of which offered rooms for 60 Pounds per night. I told myself, I’d go on looking for “my cosy place”. And if I didn’t find one, I might just as well sleep somewhere outdoors (not actually realistic in November^^). I left the expensive hotel and wandered the streets of Dover for a while. At some point at the main street I looked to my right and there, 150 metres down the street, I saw a building whose illumination slightly stuck out of the rest of street-lights. And it felt warm again, that light attracted me, so I went down the street and found myself in front of one of the cosiest pubs I’ve seen in my life (as a German I don’t often get visit one of those super-cosy british pubs); furthermore, it offered a bed for 14 Pounds per night. Despite the information that I was given on the ferry, I had trusted and followed my inner guidance and that made me proud and happy beyond words. My body felt light like it was filled with helium;).

    Thank you for giving me the chance to share this!


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  • My intuition has prompted me to turn left instead of right & been correct! I don’t argue with it now since it’s always right, my non local self accesses more relevant information! A great example was planning a trip to stay with friends in Spain, I was travelling with a friend who texted to say she had found two cheap flights should she book them & my intuition gave a resounding NO, indicating the money would be wasted./ we wd not be going ! She didn’t book them & the next day our friends in Spain rang to say freak weather meant a flood had washed half their house & the guest room down the mountain & they couldn’t have us to stay! We went when it had all been fixed up a few months later. Sometimes my intuition will nudge me to cancel a trip/ a drive somewhere &’the reason doesn’t always become apparent but I have learned to listen & accept! It can be a little,frustrating I was invited to a gala dinner in Lincoln’s Inn London to support Palestine & very much wanted to go &’support & see this ancient historic building in the heart of London & meet with well known news journalists and celebrities who also supported Palestine, but Intuition said NO & I was completely unable to find a reasonable hotel near the venue, totally not easily facilitated to go, never discovered why!

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