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Meg Benedicte’s powerful Quantum Vortex Healing Special Offer Package includes the Quantum Vortex Starter Course Introduction, 10 Quantum Vortex Meditations4 eBooks with Healing Exercises all available for instant download!

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Item #1: Course Introduction - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte discusses the practical steps that activate our personal ascension process, and how to use the Quantum Vortex Activation Meditations for optimal results. The more you listen and follow the Activations the faster you will increase your vibration, break free from 3D Linear Time, release energetic patterns and shadow consciousness, and elevate the energy particles in your cells to pulse at your Soul’s Divine frequency.


Item #2: Meditation Invocation - PDF Download

Quantum Vortex Meditation Protocol – Step by Step Sequence to Activate the Quantum Vortex.


Item #3: Quantum Vortex Meditation

During this 30-minute Meditation you will step into the Quantum Vortex and escalate your personal growth and evolution without having to endure endless breakdowns of ego resistance and stuck emotions. Move into the stillness of the balance-point and disperse the rigid energy of fear and trauma from the past. You have the tools and the knowledge now to quantum leap into becoming your divine Self.


Item #4: Break Free from 3D Linear Time - PDF Download

Illuminating discussion on why we need to break free from the linear sequence of left-brain domination. The Quantum Vortex is the universal technology that provides the mechanics to bend space/time…which opens our awareness beyond our physical world and unlocks us from the limitations of linear time. We can’t break free of Polarity if we don’t bend space/time. Discover the practical steps on how to unlock from separation consciousness and start living as a multi-dimensional being. Learn how to break free from the torture of negative self-criticism, ego resistance and control, and feeling isolated and alone.


Item #5: Quantum Vortex Meditation - Activate Protection - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will guide you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to repair, heal and build a container of protection around the human energy field. Eliminate external attachment chords and energetic drainage, and connect to Spirit for support and protection.


Item #6 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Transforming Shadow’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will guide you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to work on healing and clearing past pain and trauma from early childhood or past-lives. Learn how to master the ego personality and eliminate negative thought patterns, controlling, destructive emotional reactions, and polarized shadow consciousness.


Item #7 – eBook ‘Increase Love Frequency in 4D Heart Center’ - PDF Download

By increasing the energy frequency in our 4D Heart Center, we can open to receive the flow of universal abundance and pure consciousness. Once the heart opens up, we can breathe more Light into our Heart Center. We begin to experience lighter feelings and lighter thoughts, as a quickening in the 4D Heart frequency increases and stretches our sense of Time. Ebook discussion on how to heal and transform the Heart Center with divine feminine energy and Light current. In this stage our heart begins to experience moments of pure joy, gratitude and compassion…these are signs of the presence of Christ Light nourishment.


Item #8 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Goddess INfusion’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to connect with, embrace and integrate the Divine Feminine light into our healing Heart. Our feminine and masculine energy needs to be in perfect balance in order to shift from living in 3D Polarity to expanding and creating in 5D Singularity. Our human self requires the loving, nurturing presence of Divine Mother to heal and feel safe in the world.


Item #9 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Golden Light Stream’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to introduce the powerful presence of Soul Light into our Chakra Pillar and 4D Heart Center. The Golden Light Stream is the continual life force that fuels our universe. Human beings are malnourished from living in 3D Linear Time and separation from the Soul Presence…now we can repair and regenerate our health and well-being with Light!


Item #10 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Break Free of Duality’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to utilize sound, light and vortex energy to bring the body/mind/spirit into the neutral Still Point of balance and order that exists in our universe. When we establish the Still Point of Singularity in our central core and brainwaves, our hearts and minds open and unlock from the enslavement of Duality and living in Separation from our Higher Self. Energetic activations assist in breaking free from the prison of the 3D Matrix of control.


Item #11 – eBook ‘Bridge of Light to 5D Living’ - PDF Download

When we increase our Heart frequency the membrane of time thins and dissolves, opening us to more and more of the 5D energies. We access 5D in the neutral Still Point of Singularity in our center core, where there exists no resistance from the ego to control. In the Still Point of No Time/No Thought (Now Moment) our 4D Heart Center opens and expands to unite with the multiverse. For it is our Heart that operates as the Bridge to 5D awareness! It is the expanding joy in the Heart that raises our frequency into the universal field of ‘All That Is’…into the quantum field of all potential. As we open our Hearts to the natural abundance of our universe, our minds unlock from lack mentality and victim consciousness. We are bridging into the higher awareness of 5D living in unity consciousness.


Item #12 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Right Brain Activation’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to awaken and infuse Light into the Right Brain. Humans are designed as radio antennas, and communicate on all dimensions through brainwave entanglement. We must activate the intuitive, visual right brain capacities and integrate with the over-developed linear, analytical left brain in order to optimize the dimensional range of our radio reception.


Item #13 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Bridge of Light’ MP3 Downlaod

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to cross the inner bridge of light in the Heart to higher 5D Living. As we ascend into higher and higher frequency, we are learning how to master our thoughts and emotions. In this manner we are becoming Ascended Masters of the ego self; no longer reacting to life, but holding a calm, balanced core center instead. The divine self is still, calm, quiet, neutral, fearless, responding to life, not reacting with emotions. We are building an energy field in the frequency of LOVE… which erases all fear.


Item #14 – Quantum Vortex Meditation ‘Activate Soul DNA Blueprint’ - MP3 Download

Meg Benedicte will lead you through this extended Quantum Vortex Meditation and energetic activations to upgrade all degenerative human DNA with the timeless holographic blueprint our divine Soul DNA. The process of DNA/consciousness upgrade is lifting us into higher awareness, which triggers internal clearings of old density.The ascension process is the Soul’s liberation from the recurring cycle of karma and reincarnation; breaking free of the karmic trap of 3D Linear Time and polarized separation. The Quantum Vortex initiates the sacred connection in our Hearts to our Soul Presence in united wholeness!


PLUS: ‘LIVE’ Coaching Teleseminar – Saturday, November 30th 2013 at 11:00am PST

  • Personal Training and Live Coaching on Quantum Vortex Training material.
  • Insightful Discussions on how to apply vortex energetic techniques in your daily life…
  • All Listeners will receive group demonstration and energetic activations.
  • Q&A and Coaching for ‘Live’ Callers on Quantum Vortex application…

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Check out these comments about Meg Benedicte's Quantum Vortex Healing!

“I simply cannot get enough of the info, the meditation…feels like home…thank”
 Karin, Netherlands

“Thank you for the profound teachings, it’s so much more then what it appears …when you start breaking down all the steps etc…I have a great tool to work with, the potential it holds is unlimited. Wow!!! I have much to practice but feel more empowered than ever, thanks to your commitment and dedication.”
- Parise

“I am very happy to be writing to you today. I have benefited greatly from your work, and so appreciate that you have generously made it available on the internet. I have been on this path, like you for over 15 years. My path is different, as I can see my job going forward is different, yet your work resonates so tightly with me now, and has been the source catalyst of my shift across the “event horizon” or through the opening in the time/space continuum you refer to as the new earth. Your meditation/transmission template is quite powerful, particularly in the sequence it falls in my path. Thank you.”

“I was working with my shaman, and he saw that what I’m doing in the vortex class…that it’s reaching into a very deep level of Soul consciousness and that it goes to the core. He asked me what are you doing? I said vortex meditations. *laughs* I sent him your website. So it’s pretty cool that my shaman can see the good effects in my energy system from doing your weekly vortex healing class!! Peace & Blessings.” 
– Tasha

“The Vortex Healing Training class exceeded my expectations. Meg, you gave so much information and support and I loved the powerful activations. The last class was the best!!!!”
– Sue

“Thank you so much for the incredible course you are teaching. I did not think I was up for it when you announced you were ready to offer it. Spirit, however let me know, without any reservation that now was the time for me to embark on this journey with you. I am so grateful I listened to their call. The information and its vibration is blowing my socks off… Thank you again, my dear sister, for bringing this coursework to us. There are simply no words to explain how significant your work is. I am awestruck by its power and your eloquence in delivering it. I have so much love and appreciation for you. I bless you with all that I AM. Lovingly.”
– Karla

“Thank you Meg for all you do and have done on behalf of all of us!!! Your meditations are profound and they facilitate a new awakening that has made a huge difference for me!!!! I too was subject to abuses throughout my childhood including SRA and have spent much of my adult life learning to clear this energy and heal it in the Light of Christ Consciousness. In this year I can testify that the work I did to heal \”dark energies\” has been profound and it is through your work that I am assured that it has made a difference. As I know that you have made a difference! THANK YOU for showing up and being the Light. I always come back to doing your meditations as they move me into a space that is safe and aware as I continue the process of evolving into Love, Light & Truth. BLESSINGS to you and all that you do – on behalf of us, In Gratitude & Service,”

“The meditation vortex download really has helped me come into harmony and peace while working in chaos. I was so amazed after one meditation that I had such results. I have become a member and look forward to future webcasts and connections to your site, Thank You again,”
- Pat



Meg Benedicte is the owner of Quantum Healing Center, Inc., a holistic-based business in Mt. Shasta, Ca. which offers treatments and options for all who are seeking personal evolution, healing and ascension into quantum living!

In 1994, Meg experienced a profound awakening that activated her inherent template for utilizing the Quantum Vortex as a powerful tool for transformation. With this technique, Ms. Benedicte can access unlimited free energy to eradicate disease, polarity and the decomposition of time. Her clients regularly experience deep healing along with an abundance of life force, all while releasing limiting programs and energy patterns, fears and belief systems that have long blocked their well-being and self-realization.

For the past 20 years, Ms. Benedicte has been sharing these dramatic findings with global audiences in telecasts/webinars, various speaking events, radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and her own book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys of Becoming a Divine Human.

Her work strongly exemplifies her spiritual mission in birthing a new earth paradigm.