From Wounded Healer to Abundant Mystic

By November 18, 2014HSP, Mystic, Personal Growth

Have you ever been told to “Get over it?”

Perhaps it was said with a snide look or a rolling of the eyes and an attitude of giving up on you.

Or maybe it was offered by someone you actually turned to for support. They may have even said it lovingly as in, “Isn’t it time to move on?”

Wounded Healer - Abundant Mystic

The first time I watched the movie, The Secret, I heard Jack Canfield encourage us to “Just get over” our wounds. He pointed out that the vast majority of us have experienced traumas: We’ve all been abused, neglected, abandoned or unloved in some way. And while, in theory, I agree with him, and with all those other well-intentioned (or not) people who have urged us to get over it, in practice I have discovered room for exploration.

You see, we all come into this world, into this life, at different levels of consciousness. This is not a judgment. Just as some people enter this life taller than others, some people incarnate at a higher level of consciousness than others. It’s safe to say that the great masters in human history incarnated at a very high level of consciousness.

And it’s also safe to say that, because you’re reading this, you entered this world with a high level of consciousness. You were aware of your world and your experiences much earlier in life than most people.

That is a great gift… but it also can be a great burden.

You see, when you enter this world highly conscious, perhaps even conscious within the womb, in most cases you’re in for a bit of a shock.

Our time in the womb and in the first days and months of life are often NOT the time of blissful peace and joy and love they are meant to be. (That’s a story for another day!)

Coming into this world with a high-level of consciousness you land in an environment of fear and struggle, scarcity and confusion. The energy you experience as you are coming into your physical form is completely out of alignment with what you know to be true.

That creates a powerful conflict within your system.

Something has to give: Either the world around you has to change to match what you know to be true or you have to change to come into alignment with your new environment.

When you observe that the world does not change that means that you have to. You have no choice… You MUST CHANGE because it becomes far too painful to remember your true nature of love and joy and abundance when you’re immersed in an environment of fear and suffering and lack.

So you do change. And that change creates a deep wound within you. It creates a scar at the very core of your being. Your genetic structure is transformed so that you can live within this broken world.

The traumas you experience that seem to be the cause of that wound actually CAN be healed. You CAN “Get Over” those experiences. But the wound itself, the choice that was made to leave behind your truth (because no other choice could have been made at the time) is not something a bandaid can heal. It is not something that can be cured with a snap of the fingers. And it is certainly not something that you can “just get over.”

When you hear from successful teachers who have made it big that you should be able to “just get over it” the reaction is often one of guilt and shame. “Why can’t I get over it? I must be doing something wrong. I’m a failure.”


You are NOT a failure…

… You are the hope of this world.

You, the Wounded Healer, carry within you the wisdom and the energy that can bring our broken world back into balance. And whether it takes you a day or a year or your entire life to find the place of balance within yourself… it doesn’t matter.

Because it is your process of remembering who you are, who we all are, that heals this world.

Remember, there is no finish line on this journey of life. There is no place to get to. You may look at someone up on a stage or at a book signing and think, “They’ve made it. They got over it.” Well maybe they have and maybe they haven’t. You just don’t know what their “real” life looks like.

But it really doesn’t matter. What others are doing or have done has no bearing on what you are doing and on what you will do. If you struggle your entire life to remember who  you are and on your deathbed, you suddenly remember, and that light turns on again… all the struggle will have been worth it!

Here’s what you need to get over: Get over trying to get over it!

There is nothing to get over. There is nothing wrong with you!

The traumas you experienced and the wounds you carry are the result of the incongruence between what you know to be TRUE and what passes for truth in this physical reality.

You don’t need to get over incongruence. It is more about recognizing it and remembering the TRUTH you carry deep inside of you. It is there. You feel it. You hear it. You know it.

And that knowing is what makes this world so painful for so many mystics. That knowing is what causes us to struggle in this world.

But it is that knowing that can ultimately set you free and open the doorway to TRUE Abundance. If you are reading this, that doorway is in front of you… Right now!

You are the one we’ve been waiting for!

Leave a comment below and share your experience finding balance in this broken world.

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  • Angel says:

    My experience so far of being a healer is awesome. It began when I was out one night I saw a demon I prayed for 2 or 3 days straight and I got really sick I ended up in the hospital for about three months that’s when my or ancestors came to me and offered me my gift I was told if I accept it I have to accept it fully and I was all in. It was the beginning amazing journey. I think it’s been about seven years and I’m still getting used to it the people that I’ve met and helped come from all walks of life. I have pointed seeds watch them grow some I only meet once never see again except for to see their progress. I wouldn’t trade this gift for the world but to say I could help save it I would be the greatest gift of all. Everything I do everything I am is all for the glory of God. And even though I’m still sick I continue to use this gift wounded or not I have hope. After reading this today only confirms that I am on the the right path, so I thank you!

  • Akber says:

    So very true…and deeply impactful.

  • Edweena says:

    Thank you from a badly hurting person. It gave me some comfort to read those words. How right you are I will never get over all the emotional pain and sorrow I have had in my life. In fact I cry myself to sleep at night

  • Angela James says:

    A sincere and real experience of what life is and how we experience it. Getting over it is just that, it does not bridge the divide together – what we think and how we feel about what we are going through. It is not easy but the process is enabled by the interaction with people who are present and listen without judgement responses. This piece put it all in perspective. Thank you.

  • Karen Coltrain says:

    Such a beautifully written article, Edward. My heart sang when you wrote…”You don’t need to get over the incongruence.” That took me such a long time to learn. I was born into some disfunction (poor me, right?) and I’m pretty sure my little being was thwarted from the first cry. Always, I was supposed to do well, but not shine…be happy, but not laugh to loud, NOT be happy if a parent wasn’t happy (and she was seldom happy, which got me in a lot of trouble.) Further, I was to pretend I neither saw nor heard nor excruciatingly felt the family of origin issues, for to ever ask about then or express my feelings was to set myself up for even greater alienation and anger. In short, I was to be invisible (not easy for a full tilt boogie Aries such as myself!) So…I grew up with a very well developed “suck it up” muscle, resulting in great pain in discomfort in my heart and solar plexus. I remember that when I first came upon the concept of “emotional abuse” and “emotional repression,” I felt like the poster child. Suddenly, my inner bruising had a name. It took leaving an emotionally abusive marriage (that felt JUST LIKE my family of origin energy, imagine that! Ha!) for me to “get it!” And what I “got” was that when my “suck it up” muscle (awareness of incongruency, as you’d say) goes into throbbing overdrive, then I need to FREE myself of whatever is going on. (How many times had my heart cried…SCREAMED… “DON’T DO THIS!!! GIVE BACK THE RING!!!”) But my upbringing had taught me that when “it” started screaming and going into overdrive, I was to suck it up and walk right thru “it” with as little judgement, the best smile on my lips and “duh” on my forehead I could muster. So….I know you really GET IT, don’t you, my brother? Thanks for the excellent article!

  • helen says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article, Ed. My journey to remembering started about 15 years ago but was interrupted (and yet, strangely, also accelerated) by my marriage to a fiercely Christian husband with dogmatic ideas based on strict literal interpretation of the bible. A couple of years ago I picked up a copy of Neale Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ and at first struggled to grasp its message and reconcile it with my now Christian understanding of the world, but all of a sudden I’m finding myself hurtling through a journey of awakening, not knowing where I’m headed, but with things I knew about who I am and how I’ve been in life suddenly making sense! I’m now living with the weirdest feeling that I’m living two lives at once. Feeling the infinite love of the world and starting to experience and express my personal power, wanting to reach out to others at all levels and realising that my strange ways are not strange at all, and at the same time pretending to conform so I can cope in this physical reality.
    I’m struggling more and more to keep going, because I feel I can’t stand to ‘play the game’ any longer, yet how will I survive in this physical dog-eat-dog world? Your article gave me a little peace and reassurance on another incredibly frustrating day.

  • Martha says:

    I am a very sensitive person as wel as a very compassionate person. I have always put others befor me and therefor I have always denied my own happiness for others.
    I am now at a place in my life where I wish to take control and live the life i should have been living all along.

  • Dawn says:

    Brilliant! When we heal the wound we also embrace the power it offers and are free to stand in appreciation of the entirety of our lives! Thanks for this. xoxo

  • I’m a very sensitive person!
    All my life!
    With real pain to cope with!
    (Moving on or coping with it!)
    Jesus Christ, my anker!
    As a born again Christian,
    I interact with the Holy Spirit!
    Prayer is so powerful!
    Jesus said, love yourself first and then you can love and forgive other’s!
    The broken wold is so real!
    I care a lot for other’s, it seems if they don’t understand me and also my faith in Jesus,
    I have to stand back to my inner sense not to be rejected by people!
    I’m very soft and caring!
    Jesus is my Savior!
    Sometimes I don’t understand, that people don’t understand me?
    Is this real!
    I know The Holy Spirit is Real!!

  • liliapatricia says:

    I don’t think this is a broken world, like we are not broken also. It is our experience and perspective. I did enjoy this article and it brought light on my path. I am very grateful for this experience.

  • Fidelma Heaney says:

    When you refer to “this physical reality” do you mean this physical experience? would you agree that Reality is the unchanging Truth? How can that which is ever changing be real? Other than that I found the article very inspiring – thank you. I will look at some more of your Emails now.
    Thanks again.

  • Jannica Joelsson says:

    Thank You for this article. Loved it! It explains so much to me about my own life. Thank You <3

  • Hana says:

    Yeeep! Right on!
    Isn’t it a pain to have to play the game and have to aligne with people who seem to drag behind…
    But look what we have, and what a joy and a gift! We have each other, a group like this, a healer
    we love and feel keenship with…we are not alone anymore! And (no offense to Ed) there are many many other healers and groups in the world , ever more by the passing week, all these mushrooming since a few decades back! The world IS getting aligned after all! And remember that the state of the world has nothing to do with its images in the media…If we are healing then the world is healing too, because we are it.
    I sometimes can function on my authentic self and at that point I am amzed how my immediate environment changes like by magic. I wish that I was confident enough to do it more often and more naturally. It is my work in progress right there.
    Thank you, Ed for your work.

    • Edward Mills says:

      No offense taken Hana. I agree 100%. There are amazing healers/teachers all around us and many more waking up to their abilities all the time!

  • Yoges says:

    Hi Edward

    This is a most beautiful article.. I teared when I read this article coz its so divinely written. Thank you for lighting up my world and doubts with this article. It’s nice to know that finally there is someone who truly understands and sees the truth as I see it…..Thank you for helping me understand my own struggles and how I have always felt at odds with the world…I have always been criticised for being too picky and I have had much trouble fitting into this world. I hated myself and found my sensitivity a curse at first. However after all the work I have done on myself, I finally realise that it is this sensitivity that allows me to find and feel great love, support, guidance and protection from the light realms. But it is this very sensitivity that forces me to be very particular about the food I eat, the sounds I hear, the people I interact with and the way I need to earn money and live, work and play in this earthly realm.

    • Edward Mills says:

      Yoges. I’m so glad that this helped you find a little more self-acceptance! Yes, our sensitivity can feel like a burden at times… but as you’re discovering, it really is a blessing!

  • SueB says:

    Edward, I found this to be a very interesting article. So this is why I ‘forgot ‘ who I really was for so long. My inner self did not match the world around me. Sometimes I tried to fit into the outer world and it was not a good fit. Eventually I woke up to the fact that it is better to be who you are. I find that other people respond better when they see that I am who I am and this gives then the opportunity to be who they are. The world is being healed…..

  • Rhonda says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I was truly moved by this explanation! I look forward to the continued expansion of my TRUTH…..

  • The title of your article caught my attention since I, too, started out as a wounded healer, psychotherapist to doing shamanic healing work. Having worked with a Peruvian shaman for 30 years and been trained in numerous traditions, I combine all that now. Your story touched me. I remember being so sensitive and therapy just didn’t go deep enough for me. I am always interested in healing rituals. I am convinced that for any real healing, Source energy, the Divine has to be brought in to transform us to the highest levels. I will try to listen live for this call, but I may not make it. Thank you for the service to life you provide. Love and Blessings,
    Helaine Harris

    • Edward Mills says:

      Thank you for sharing Helaine. I agree that for real transformation and healing the Divine must be part of the process. And ritual is one of the fastest ways I’ve found to tap into the flow of Divine energy!

  • Carrie says:

    So insightful! Thank you for being such a CLEAR conduit! I am working with the Elemental Kingdom on a daily basis along with Guides that are more ‘celestial’. I’m finding that anchoring the energies (light) that I call in from ‘above’ into my 3-D reality is essential for maintaining balance. Also, feeling into my whole self with no judgement and with love and appreciation is important.

    • Edward Mills says:

      I love the distinction you make between the Elemental Kingdom and the Celestial Guides. They are definitely different! And how beautiful to experience that level of self love and appreciation!

  • evelynchuter says:

    Thank you so much, Edward, I just felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders and the heaviness in my heart lighten up. You just told my life story and helped me to understand WTH has been going on since I was born. I am still trying to find balance in this broken world and in my broken life. I meditate and I work on clearing my chakras and trying to keep them balanced. I am still work in progress. I know where I belong and what I was mean to do here on our awesome planet. Breaking through the chains that bind me and hold me down are not so easy. Thanks again, you are amazing.

    • Edward Mills says:

      We are ALL works in progress. That was made very clear to me last week when I was shown that our time here on Earth is just preparation for the REAL training! 😉

      So glad that you found some relief from this. You are NOT broken… the world is broken. As you remember your wholeness you heal the world!

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