How to Embrace Self-Love


I could sense the tension she was holding…

It was during a private Energy Coaching session and as I intuitively scanned my client I could see and feel the blocks within her energetic and emotional systems… and it was very clear the ways these blocks were holding her back.

She had just shared about an interaction with a “friend.” This friend was upset with her… felt hurt and betrayed by my client.

Obviously, a lot of the upset came from old wounded places in her friend.

But that triggered some of my client’s old beliefs and wounds around not being good enough and disappointing other people when she takes care of herself.

Do you ever go there… to the place that says…

“If I take care of myself I’m going to let someone down. They’re going to think I’m selfish. They’re going to stop liking me if I stop giving them exactly what they want.”

Yeah, I know, when you write it down like that it sounds kind of childish.

But you would be amazed – or maybe you wouldn’t – at how common that belief (and that core wound) is.

And you’d be amazed at how much that belief holds you back from experiencing the love, joy and abundance that is your birthright!

In the session we worked through that first layer of belief around self-care. We released some ancestral energy and opened my client to a beautiful spaciousness that included self-care within the intention of being for “the highest good of all.”

Then the energy flows guided me to bring in the beautiful Universal Energy of Unconditional Acceptance and Self-Love.

And all seemed to be going well…

… until her system began rejecting the Self-Acceptance energy and actually started shutting down.

So I paused the energy flow and asked her what thought or belief had just come into her awareness.

She paused for a moment as she found the words to express what she was experiencing and then she said:

“If I completely and fully accept myself, unconditionally, as I am, why do I need to keep ‘improving’ and ‘getting better?’”

Beautiful! She had gone right to the core!

It didn’t surprise me…

This particular private coaching client doesn’t “mess around.” She’s on the fast track of awakening.

So it makes sense that she would go straight to this foundational fear that so many Modern Day Mystics hold.

It gets to the very heart of the “friction” and even conflict that we feel between the idea of self-acceptance and the idea of “self-improvement.”

This is such an important and powerful exploration…

I’ve done a lot of energetic exploration of this friction both in myself and with hundreds of private clients and students.

That fear goes something like this:

“If I really love and accept myself unconditionally won’t I just get lazy and lose my interest and desire to change and grow… why do I need to do anything to change? I’ll just stay stuck and stagnant where I am.”

Now from a “logical” perspective that seems to make sense.

I mean if it is true – and it is! – that you are perfect, whole and complete in this (and in every) moment…

…then why do you need to change and grow and evolve and awaken at all?

Have you ever experienced this sense of conflict between the “I’m perfect, whole and complete” part of you and the “I’ve got to get my act together and get awakened right now!” part of you?

You’re not alone!

It’s a very common underlying belief system in Modern Day Mystics.

And it creates massive amounts of stress within your system when it goes unchallenged.

The root of this belief begins when we are indoctrinated into the Trance of Scarcity… this widespread perception of “reality” that tells us everything is limited.

You enter a good/bad, either/or perception of reality. Comparison, judgment and competition become your default approach to life.

It’s not your fault:

You’ve been hypnotized, along with all of us, by this trance of scarcity into believing that there is not enough and that you have to be better to get what you want.

When you break through the Trance of Scarcity and see reality through your Mystical Perception you open to the truly symbiotic relationship between Unconditional Acceptance and Awakening!

The key to understanding this comes when you tune into the First and Fourth levels of the Manifestation Matrix.

The First level of the Manifestation Matrix is Your Higher Purpose and the Fourth level is the Conception Point, the place where Duality and Oneness come into full resonance.

When you Activate the first level of the Manifestation Matrix – Your Higher Purpose – everything follows from that.

Everything you do from that point forward is in service to the awakening of your consciousness.

Your deep and complete acceptance of your Perfection in this (and every) moment could never hold you back from discovering ways to even more fully express your perfection!

This is where the fourth level of the Manifestation Matrix comes in. The Conception Point:

The place where Oneness and Duality merge into a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts!

This is where you discover the deep truth that you ARE perfect, whole and complete, now and forever

… and that there are ever expanding opportunities to express that perfection in greater and more glorious ways.

This is the secret to ending the conflict within you… the part of you that is convinced that you cannot be perfect, whole and complete AND be on the path of awakening.

You are NOT seeking improvement. There is nothing about you that can be improved!

You are merely seeking to expand your capacity to express your magnificence in ever greater ways.

So if you catch yourself questioning the compatibility of Self-Acceptance and Awakening, stop and remember this:

Just as the rose blossoms from within and from the deep awareness of its perfect “Roseness” … Your Awakening blossoms from within … from your deep awareness and acceptance of the perfection of your Youness!

So go forth and blossom!

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