How to Nurture the Seed of Your Unique Gift

Abundant mystic sapling - blossom

Duda, where’s Bapa?” Ella asked. (Duda is the name Ella calls me!)

I think he’s napping again.” I replied.

He sleeps a lot.

Yes, he’s tired.”

Is he old?” She asked.

How do I answer that?

At 77 my father is certainly “older” than some. And I know plenty of people in their 70s who are fully alive, vibrant, enjoying life and continuing to contribute to the world in a big way.

But here he is, sleeping most of the time for the few short days that we’re visiting.

And she just wants to spend time with her “Bapa.”

How do I explain it to Ella?

How do I explain what it feels like to be filled with so much regret and disappointment and resentment that you sleep to avoid the pain?

How do I explain that when you ignore your dreams for too long they get buried so deep inside you that you can’t even remember what they were?

I decide that I can’t explain it… so I take another path.

“Well, Sweetie, do you know how you wake up each morning excited for the new day?”

“Yes! I wake up Happy and Ready to Go!”

“Yes, you sure do!” I say.

“Well, Bapa has forgotten that each day is a new adventure, filled with surprises and blessings. Somewhere along the way, he stopped being excited to explore all the fun stuff there is to discover and explore. And, he also forgot that he has a beautiful gift to share with the world. A gift that no one else has.”

“Like my gift of talking with the Fairy Realm?”

“Yes. Like that.” I agree. “And when you forget what your gift is, especially for a long time, it can make you tired.”

“Maybe when he wakes up, I can teach him Fairy Language.”

“I’m sure he would love to learn Fairy Language from you!”

This conversation happened on our last trip back east to visit family. It was sad for me… watching my father drag himself around, sleeping much of the time and seeing only glimmers of the lightness and playfulness he used to have.

It made me stop and consider the cost of ignoring your gifts.

It made me realize how grateful I am to have chosen, long ago, never to give up on my gifts… even though there have definitely been times of struggle… times when a big part of me wanted to give up… believed it would be easier and certainly less painful if I just gave in and gave up!

Seeing my father reminded me that the cost of denying and ignoring my gifts would have been a LOT greater!

So how are you nurturing and expressing YOUR gifts?

We each have a unique gift, unlike anyone else.

And we all express those gifts in unique ways.

Some express their unique gifts in a job. Others turn their unique gifts into a business. For some, creative endeavors are the outlet for expressing their unique gifts.

Still others express their gifts through volunteer work or in the consciousness and presence they bring to the seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life… as a parent, a partner, a little league coach, a colleague or a friend.

How you express your unique gift is actually not so important.

But it is VERY important that you DO express your unique gift.

That gift is like a seed inside of you. Your job is to nurture that seed and allow it to grow and blossom and bear fruit through your life.

As the tree of your gift grows through your nurturing presence and actions, the fruit feeds the world… But it also feeds and fuels you.

When you ignore or deny your gift, the beautiful tree that could have grown from that gift wilts, withers, and ultimately dies.

Now I haven’t given up on my dad. I continue to hold him in the Light and see him connected with his gift. And there’s a chance he’ll choose to remember his gift and start nurturing it.

But that’s his choice. I’ve let go of the sense of responsibility for him and his gift (although I carried that one around for a LONG time!) I understand that I need to give him the freedom to choose his own path.

But what about you?

What is your unique gift? Have you nurtured it lately? Have you watered it? Have you pulled out the weeds that grow so quickly in that fertile ground?

And how are you sharing it with the world? Note that singing in the shower doesn’t count!

Leave a comment below and share your gift and how you have been nurturing it.

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  • edoarda says:

    It seems only such a short time ago that i have had any thoughts of having a unique gift..& feels embarassing actually saying it,but i guess’better late than ever!!” I think that i inspire change in others , i never really give up on anything and i do love radiating my love to all that comes my way..whether it’s a wee insect, a cloud formation in the sky, a stranger that passes by, a sad situation on the news……..of course am not always radiant and loving,but life is definitely easier if we journey it with a smile in our heart..and whenever that’s not possible,then it ‘s ok….. Edward,.i admire the way you give your dad the freedom of being where he chooses to be,even if it culminates in a rather sad’s interesting to see how your dad’s sadness has highlighted your resolve to never forget your unique gift …and now you teach so many of us about it…..and so everything has its purpose..the highs and the lows…..blessings to everyone,especially to your dad and all loved ones.

  • Elspeth L. Henders says:

    I am a Smile Maker! When I help or just be there for someone, I know they have received the gift of having a few moments or hours of feeling, being better than before and Surprise!! I get more from them than they know! I Love people!!

  • Carolyn Smith says:

    What a wonderful, thought provoking story. And a great reminder for some of us that fall into the “older” category. I do work but am always saying that ” I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” – because i keep seeing all the great opportunities that I think might be fun to explore. I like what I do – but still have a kind of restlessness in me that thinks I might like something else too – Of course, I have been this way for years (and years and years) and have had many different jobs and most of them I liked well enough. Still waiting for the one where I wake up saying I’m Happy and Ready to go……and I would love to learn to talk to the fairies if your daughter is giving lessons.

  • Anne says:

    It is not always easy to hold on to your dreams when Life either cuts you off at the knees or gives you a roundhouse to the jaw! There are times when, just as you raise your face to the sun and think things are going well, next thing everything comes crashing down like a house of cards and once again you cannot see the sunlight. However, sunlight has a way of creeping through even the smallest of cracks and if you can hold on to that tiny sunbeam you will be able to find the strength to pull open the curtain and let the sun into your life again. A spring daffodil can be beaten flat to the earth with the wind and gales, but as soon as the sun shines again it will lift its head and bravely stand tall once more. Everyone needs to cultivate the steely strength of the daffodil, no matter how battered you are – never allow Life to beat you!

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