How to Merge Action and Essence

By February 24, 2015Awakening, Personal Growth

Action without the guidance of Essence is work. Essence without the expression of Action is fantasy. Action and Essence in harmony is Transcendent.

Have you ever felt like a ship without a rudder… or how about a hamster on one of those wheels?

You’re taking action, you’re doing stuff and it seems like you should be getting somewhere, but you’re just not?

Know that feeling?

I’ve definitely been there!

And I agree with you… it’s not fun!

But there is actually a very simple reason for that treadmill experience… and a very simple awareness that can help you step off of that treadmill for good!

The reason we get stuck on that treadmill is because our Action is not aligned with our Essence.

And the way we step off of that treadmill…

Yup… is to align our Action and Essence.

I’ve created a short video for you that gives you a new way to think about the Prayer Mudra or position in terms of Action and Essence.

You’ll also get a new perspective on the Zen Koan “What is the sound of one hand clapping!”

It’s just 5 and a half minutes so check it out and then I’d love to have you leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  • Joan says:

    Thanks so much Edward, this is a wonderful way to experience-ally contemplate the sounds of essence without action and action without essence. I really appreciate your “hands coming apart and together” meditation on yesterday’s call. You mentioned that eventually in bringing hands apart there would be a sudden end (a break off point) to the sensations. I knew what you meant as I have experienced this before. Yesterday i took my hands as far apart as I possibly could and the sensations continued. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that but will play with it in contemplating the sound of one essence without action and action without essence.


  • Pam M. says:

    Thank you for sharing this Edward. It totally resonated with me as I take the steps to create my own business, stepping out of the corporate world and into spiritual healing. There seems so much to learn and do that I can get bogged down in the action steps, forgetting to align with the essence of what I’m creating. As I allow my action steps to come from and be supported by my essence and vice versa, I can be in a state of balance and flow just naturally happens.

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