An Abundant Mystic

Don’t worry if you don’t feel it yet…
With my guidance and the support of the Abundant Mystic Tribe… You will!

Shhhh… Listen… Can you hear it?

That sound, that voice, that soft, subtle, but insistent calling. It’s not coming from out there.

You won’t hear it more clearly by listening with your ears… Because this quiet but insistent calling is coming from within you.

It is the sound of your purpose, your mission, your reason for being here… now… on this beautiful Earth at this incredible time of transformation and evolution.

It is calling to you, reaching out to you, seeking to grow, expand and express itself through your life and your work in the world.

It takes a special person to hear this quiet calling.

It takes a devoted person to be still and listen to it.

And it takes a courageous person to act on what you hear.

That’s why I want to give YOU an extra special thank you… because you have heard the call… the calling of your purpose…

… you are listening to it…

… and you are ready to act on it!

And your willingness to listen and act on this calling and Create a Mystic Business makes you a Leader and a catalyst in the emergence of our New Earth.

Is This You

Do you…

  • Have a desire to serve others
  • Want your life to have meaning
  • Seek to make the world a better place through your thoughts, words and actions…
  • Know there is much more to this life than can be perceived with the physical senses…
  • Believe that you are here for a specific reason… with a unique purpose
  • Know that what you “know” is a tiny fraction of what is to be known
  • Feel inspired by a grander vision of what is possible…
  • Recognize that there will be challenges, obstacles and setbacks along the way… and even relish the setbacks as a sign that you are stretching and growing
  • Have the courage to take risks, face rejection and accept criticism…
  • Seek to “Be the Change you wish to see” in your community and the world…
  • Love the process of evolving, learning, growing and becoming an ever greater expression of the Divine Truth of Your Being.

If you answered YES to several of those questions… you are ready to be a Mystic Leader and build a Mystic Business that will fully support you as you serve others and become a force for positive change in the world!

As we work together we will focus on both the Inner and Outer aspects of Mystic Business

These are 8 Key Aspects of Mystic Business we will work on:

The Fundamentals

Are you taking AWESOME care of yourself? You cannot be the best possible leader if you are not taking care of yourself in the best possible way! We’ll look at your daily practices for eating, movement, sleep and meditation. Together we will create a game plan to help you implement the incremental steps that will get these 4 Foundational Pillars super strong so that they can provide a solid foundation to support you and ensure you stay healthy and vitalized as you grow and expand as a Mystic Leader!

Plugging Energy Drains

Where are you leaking Life-Force Energy? You have a limited supply of Life Force Energy. If you are leaking this valuable resource you will constantly be playing catch up with the draining energy… like trying to fill a bathtub with the drain wide open. You will never feel fully vitalized and energized. So you will never be fully charged as you move into your work. We’ll discover those holes in your Energy Systems and plug them up so that you will have more Life Force Energy and feel more consistently vibrant, vital and energized!

Low Hanging Fruit

Where are you missing opportunities to serve as fully as you possibly can? Where are you leaving money on the table in your business? Where are the easiest places to quickly ramp up your presence as a Mystic Leader in the world? I’ll help you pinpoint the “Low Hanging Fruit” which are the places where you can make fast, simple changes that will allow you to serve more people, generate more money and show up more fully as a Mystic Leader. These small simple changes can create big improvements very quickly.

Mystic Vision

What is your Vision? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you a Mystic Leader? What do you want to dream into reality for yourself and the world? What is the legacy you will leave behind? Your Mystic Vision is the driving force for your leadership and your business. This vision is what keeps you going through the challenges and obstacles and setbacks you will encounter on the journey. We will crystalize your Mystic Vision… Bring it into focus… Even as we acknowledge that some of the power of your Mystic Vision will be in its continuing unfolding… The Mystery, the unknown aspects of your Mystic Vision are as important as the clear and focused details

Your Tribe

Who are you here to serve? Where are they? What do they need? What do they want? How will you make their lives better? What is the core transformation you offer them? Are you crystal clear on these? If you’re not clear, your clients and customers will not be clear either. And when you try to serve everyone – even those who are not the right fit for you – it becomes a drain on your energy. As we refine your ideal client and customer you will be amazed at how quickly you begin attracting more of them… and how much more vitalized and energized you feel.

Systems and Support

Where can we automate your systems? What are you doing that could be handled by others? Where are you trading time for dollars rather than charging for the real value you provide? What are the underlying issues that hold you back from getting the help you need to really thrive? We will find these leverage points, prioritize them and get to work on improving them so that you have more time to spend on the higher level aspects of your work… and on refining your self care and personal development even more!


How do you share what you do? How do you find and reach the people you want to serve? Are you reaching the right people? Are they clear on how you can help them? Are you motivating them to say yes? We will uplevel your messaging and marketing across the board. Beginning with the key pages on your website and through your core offers. By the time we’re done, visitors to your website will have a consistent experience from top to bottom… they will clearly understand what you are doing and how you can help them… they will know what you offer and how to get started… and they will feel excited to say yes to your support!

Horizon Priorities

Horizon Priorities are the mid and long term projects that will significantly uplevel your credibility, visibility and profitability as a Mystic Leader. They can be things like writing a book, getting more speaking gigs, creating a new core product, leading a retreat, etc. Unfortunately, they are also the projects that most often get pushed aside in order to focus on the day to day tasks of running your business or organization. As we get the systems and support dialed in for you we will get clear on your top 2-3 Horizon Priorities. Then we will create strong accountability systems to ensure that you stay focused on these Horizon Priorities every day… so that, step by step… you get closer and closer to that beautiful Horizon!

T his is intensive, high level Leadership Mentoring and Energetic Guidance. It’s definitely NOT for everyone.

  1. You are at a solid, stable place financially. You’re not wondering (and worrying about) how to make ends meet each month.
  2. You have an ongoing commitment to a spiritual practice in your life. You make time daily to cultivate your inner awareness and you have been doing so for some time.
  3. You feel a strong calling to expand beyond what you’re currently doing and step into more of a leadership role in some aspect of your life. That calling is persistent and strong.
  4. You’re not looking for a “magic pill” or for someone to “save” you or to run your business for you. You know that YOU are the Mystic Leader of your Life. And you recognize the power of having another perspective from someone you trust to support and guide you on the way to success.
  5. You understand that developing yourself as a Mystic Leader and growing your business takes time and you are willing to devote yourself to the process.

If you are ready for rapid inner transformation and the rapid expansion of your business or organization, this is for you.

Before you apply, please note that because of the high level of personalized mentoring and Intuitive Guidance there is a significant financial investment for this program… If you don’t have a steady source of income it’s not the right time for you to step into this.

If, however, you have the financial resources to support you as we work together closely to move you into the next level of Mystic Leadership and grow your Mystic Business… this IS for you.

There is a 3 month commitment for this program… That is the absolute bare minimum required to create any significant and lasting changes in your business and in you. And, if you are really serious about leaving a legacy and the long term evolution of your business (and yourself) a 6 – 12 month commitment is highly recommended!
You can apply for one of the limited Mystic Business Mentoring spaces here.