How to Plug Into the Gaian Grid


There’s just something about getting out into the wild world in the rain.

On Sunday, I unplugged for most of the day, broke out my old rain pants, put on my rain jacket and headed out to the woods for a few hours of frolicking (that’s a good word… frolic!) around in the pouring rain.

It was super fun walking (occasionally falling) down trails that had turned into little creeks and feeling the healing, clearing presence of the Water Element.

Found some Oyster Mushrooms (which made a yummy side dish with dinner last night!) They got me thinking about the way their Mycelium plugs into the Earth…

Which reminded me of how we energetically plug ourselves into the Gaian/Earth Grid…

…and, as I splashed around out there, I could really feel just how important it is to give yourself plenty of time unplugged from the human-made EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) Grid…

We’re bombarded by EMFs all the time.

And those EMFs really inhibit your capacity to feel, hear and even see the Gaian Grid.

There is a virtually limitless power available to you when you plug into the Gaian Grid. But getting unplugged from the EMF Grid is an absolute MUST first step!

Now, once you get solid protection in place, and unplug yourself from the EMF Grid, there are some advanced technologies that will allow you to benefit from these frequencies!

I know… I didn’t believe it at first and was very skeptical when I got the download about how we can actually use the EMFs and the EMF Grid to catalyze our Awakening!

But after experimenting with this for several years I can tell you that it really does work!

We’ll have an in depth exploration of the EMF Grid and how to protect yourself from it and even use it to accelerate your awakening during the .

But for now, I really encourage you to give yourself regular time unplugged from the EMF Grid.

That’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to open and plug into the Gaian Grid!

If you want to  check out this short “documentary” introduction to the planet Pandora.

It’s from the movie Avatar.

At about 2-minutes and 50-seconds in Sigourney Weaver (who is narrating it) talks about the bioluminescence that’s in every living being on Pandora and the ways that all the beings are interconnected.

Really cool stuff… and it will really give you a sense of what it feels like to be fully plugged in to the Gaian Grid.

It’s beautiful… on many levels!

Edward “wet-behind-the-ears” Mills

PS. As we get closer to the the start of the Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation (just about a week away!) I wanted to give you a head’s up that there’s already LOTS of great bonus content in the Manifestation Matrix members area.

If you’re thinking of … the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start listening to that bonus content and getting ready for the LIVE sessions that start next week!

After feeling into the importance of Level 7 of the Manifestation Matrix (which is plugging into the Gaian Grid) I decided to add the Energetics of Abundance Gaia / Earth Energy Circuit Activation to the bonus area.

That’s another $97 recording package added to the bonuses in addition to the Elemental Intuition Training and Activation, the Grounding Training and Activation and much more.

The bonus content included with this program could actually be a standalone package on its own!


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