Grow The Seeds of Success In The New Year

Abundant Mystic Changes AheadLet me ask you a quick question:

Which Month is the Most Important month?

Well actually this is a bit of a trick quick question…

Because the answer is that whatever month you’re in is the most important month!

In every moment you have the ability to shift your focus, change a habit, dissolve a limiting belief… 

You have the opportunity to start again, to see the world with new eyes and from a new perspective.

You are able to awaken to the limitless possibilities and potential within and around you.

You have the capacity to literally change your life in each and every moment!

And while all of that is true at this time of year it’s easy to get caught in the trap of NYRS.

What’s NYRS… and what can you do to “cure” it?

NYRS stands for New Year’s Reset Syndrome. And I bet you already know what I’m talking about.

It’s that feeling that kicks in around the end of November… you know, the holidays are here with all of their distractions… parties and shopping and cards to write and lots and lots of food…

And with all of these distractions, it’s easy to fall into that insidious NYRS trap.

The trap of, “I’ll wait until after the New Year and start fresh!

If you’re like most people, your resolutions, intentions and goals from the beginning of the year seem far behind you and long ago. Maybe you’ve stuck with some of them. Hopefully you’ve achieved some of them.

But you’ve also probably let a lot of them go and resigned yourself to another year of feeling like you didn’t accomplish everything you had hoped for.

So it’s easy to fall into NYRS (New Year’s Reset Syndrome) and start thinking that you’ll just coast through the end of this year and then hit the “reset” button on New Year’s Eve and start fresh next year.

It’s a good thought… The turning of the New Year is a GREAT time to reset and regroup and start fresh… but unfortunately it probably won’t happen.

Here’s why.

The energies, attitudes and intentions that you bring into the New Year are the energies, attitudes and intentions that you will carry over to the other side of the New Year!

So if you’re carrying an energy and attitude of just coasting and getting by and waiting for that Reset Button to kick in… that’s the energy you’re going to launch into the New Year with.

And, if I may be so bold… that energy is not going to launch you very far!

But fear not… because there is much you can do to avoid falling into the purgatory of NYRS!

And the good news is you don’t actually have to make any massive changes. You just have to refocus your energy, attitude and intention… refocus from what’s “out there” after the New Year back to what is “right here” in front of you right now.

Oh, and it will also be very helpful to make one little change in your life.

What’s the one change?

Well, that’s up to you. What is one simple, little change you’re willing to make in your life right now so that you will have some great positive momentum rolling you into the New Year.

It’s important to keep it simple and small because you want to succeed at this change. Because when you succeed at this change guess what kind of energy you bring into the New Year…

Exactly. Success! And that’s a great energy to carry into the New Year.

Abundant Mystic seed of success

So here are a few ideas of simple, small changes you make in your life right now that will create an energy of success and give you lots of momentum to fuel your new intentions in the New Year.

  • Set your alarm 15-minutes earlier each day and spend that extra 15-minutes meditating in the morning. (You could use the Elemental Energizer recordings. They’re 12-minutes each and with the encoded brainwave entrainment tones and embedded Elemental Energies these recordings make a 12-minute meditation feel like you got a full 1-hour “sit” in each day!)
  • Add a 15-minute exercise routine to your day. It can be simple stretching, yoga, chi-gong, or a brisk walk.
  • Completely “unplug” from electronics by 9:00pm (yes that includes your phone and the TV!) This has such a powerful positive impact on your nervous system.
  • Start a gratitude journal and write down at least 5 things you’re grateful for each night before bed.
  • Start your day with a BIG glass of water and drink water consistently throughout the day.

Ok, those are just a few ideas. Pick just one of these or come up with your own. But here’s the key…

Whichever one you pick you must commit to doing it at least 5-days a week right through the New Year (and hopefully beyond).

If you can do that, not only will you have broken the spell of NYRS but you will have also created a powerful, new daily habit. This will give you the positive momentum of success that will launch you into the New Year with some serious mojo.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re going to commit to for these last few weeks before the New Year!



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