Towards Spontaneous Healing


I’ve been very interested in the practical and esoteric applications of energy “healing” lately… This involves healing on multiple levels including the physical body. Contemplating the role of healing as it relates to our spiritual awakening process has led to some profound insights…

It’s also led to some very interesting opportunities to explore these insights in the “real” world!

One of them happened just last week when I was up at the hot springs for my bi-weekly mini-retreat.

Now I’ll admit that I sometimes can overdo it a bit in the hot-pool/cold-pool hydrotherapy. If I allow myself to surrender deeply enough, I often reach a state where my body seems to dissolve and I am opened to powerful mystical experiences.

But this time I intentionally did NOT overdo it and chose to get out of the hot pool while I still felt fully present.

So it came as a big surprise when I got out of the hot pool, took a few steps… and passed out!

In retrospect it felt like my Spirit actually wanted me to reach that transcendent space in order to give me some system upgrades… but that’s another story.

This story is about the side effects of passing out which included a number of scrapes and bumps. But the big one was a massive bruise on the side of me knee.

Within an hour of the fall that bruise turned into a BIG lump (even after icing it) and it hurt to bend my knee and walk.

What a great opportunity to explore the capacity the human body to heal!

Throughout that day I checked in on my knee. I wasn’t worried about the bruise but I was concerned about the twinges I was feeling inside the knee itself.

So I ran healing energy (including Elemental Energies) through my knee, especially focusing on the cartilage, ligaments and tendons to make sure they were in great shape. And I also addressed it on a practical physical level by icing it, applying Arnica and resting it for most of the day.

By the time I went to bed, my knee still had a big goose egg on it and hurt quite a bit. But as I prepared to sleep I set a clear intention for the healing process to continue during the night.

When I woke up, the swelling was almost completely gone and the pain was completely gone!

Now, I’ve been working with the Human Energy Systems since 1995, and I’ve seen and experienced a lot of amazing healings, so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

And while not “surprised” I am still in awe of the human body’s capacity to heal.

It reminded me again of the strength of our collective beliefs and perceptions about what is possible on a physical healing level … and how out of touch those beliefs are with the deeper truth.

And I believe, as we continue to awaken and shed our outdated beliefs and perceptions about physical healing, both individually and collectively, that we will see and experience more and more examples of spontaneous and complete recoveries from supposedly life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Part of that shedding process begins by sharing stories that get to the deeper Truth… stories that remind us of our potential to heal… no matter what the circumstances might look like.

Have you had an experience of rapid healing from an injury or illness? Let’s begin the process of upgrading the collective belief system right here in the Abundant Mystic Tribe.

Post your healing stories in the comments below!

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  • Jelly says:

    Last week, during my morning meditation I asked for guidance and clarity on next steps for my business to create greater abundance. As soon as I opened my eyes after the meditation, I found myself getting up, grabbing a yoga block and a small weight and then found myself leaning against the wall. I proceeded to give myself the most amazing deep tissue massage on some really sore knots and tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. There was a sense of wondering what was going on and a deep sense of trust about what I was being guided to do.

    Within a few minutes, the chronic pain, tension and headaches that I had been suffering from for the last five years after a car accident were all but gone! I’ve been to chiropractors and massage therapists numerous times in those five years with little relief. I haven’t felt this great in years, and the effects have rippled into all areas of my life. This just reiterated a few things for me:
    1. Transformation can be instantaneous (miraculous)
    2. It is possible for the body to heal itself instantaneously, even with chronic issues
    3. The Universe will give you what you need if you ask and are open to receiving
    4. The Universe often gives you what you need most, even more than the thing you’re asking for
    5. Business success is already on the way!

  • Nancy says:

    I was walking my dog in a large park and we were almost across the whole park from the parking lot when I got stung by a bee on the upper part of my foot. The pain was very intense, and in the past I have had very bad reactions to bee stings. I was thinking that I would have to call an ambulance, as I wouldn’t be able to walk back to my car. I was worried about my dog, as the ambulance attendants wouldn’t be allowed to bring her with us, so along with the intense pain and swelling that was occurring, I had my canine companion to look after. I dropped to one knee and began to Reiki the sting (I am a Reiki Master). I stayed down doing this for a few minutes as my 110 lb. companion patiently waited by my side. After a bit, I looked at the area and was surprised and pleased to see that the swelling had actually receded, the redness had stopped spreading and some of the pain was gone. I was able to walk back to my car and drive home. I Reikied the area a few times more that day and by the next morning all that was visible was the actual sting mark.
    To give perspective to this … I’ve been stung twice in the past on two different areas of my legs where the result was seeking medical attention as the swelling was so pronounced that I could not walk for 3/4 days and the pain was so intense that I was in tears even with treatment. Do I believe in energy healing? Wholeheartedly!

    • Edward Mills says:

      Wow, Nancy. Great story. It really shows the power of healing energy, intention and belief. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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