Want to Improve FAST? Play with someone Better than you

By September 11, 2014Fun, Life Hacks, Personal Growth

Improve Your Life - Play BetterAs a teenager, I used to play quite a bit of tennis. I got fairly good… advanced intermediate level, and I remember the inner battles I had with myself. One part of me wanted to play against someone I knew I could beat. Another part of me wanted the challenge of playing against someone better than me.

It was a constant inner struggle. And back then, I’m a bit sad to say, the “I want to win” part of me usually won out.

That meant I never really improved. Once I hit that comfort zone where I was “good enough” I wasn’t willing to consistently challenge myself. So I didn’t get any better.

If you want to improve at anything, whether it’s tennis, chess, basketball, backgammon, golf, pretty much anything – the fastest path is to play with someone better than you.

Most people prefer to win rather than improve. That’s why they’d rather play with someone not quite as good as them. (I know that one!)

But those who really want to improve… FAST… seek out better players who are willing to play with them.

Now, obviously there’s a limit to how much better the other player can be. If she is way better than you it’s not going to be very fun for either of you: You’ll be frustrated all the time and she’ll be bored – or she’ll play down to your level which won’t be fun for her.

Ideally you want to find someone who is just a step or two or three ahead of you; someone who will challenge you but will still have to play full on to stay ahead of you. When you do there’s always a chance that, if they’re having an “off” day and you’re playing “in the zone,” you could actually beat them!

Now you might be thinking, “what the heck does this have to do with Abundance and Awakening?”

Great question.

Answer: Everything!

The Awakening process is much like a “game.” We’re “playing” to see how far we can go, how much we can expand and how quickly we can evolve. If this life was a video game – which some mystics think it is – we’d be trying to successfully navigate as many “levels” as possible on our path of expanding consciousness.

And just like someone seeking to become an expert tennis player, or master a video game, in this game of awakening, the more time you can “play” with people more skilled than you are, the faster you’ll get to the “next level.”

Because you’re on the path of Awakening, you already understand the importance of stretching yourself.

So what are you doing to “play” with people more skilled at this game of Awakening than you?

Listening to The Abundant Mystic series is a great start. Taking programs and courses. Going on retreats. These are all great ways to get your time in with people who are a few steps ahead of you on the Awakening path.

Hit reply to this email and share some other ways that you are making sure that you stretch yourself on your path of Awakening as an Abundant Mystic.

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