What is your Scarcity Hot Button?

By September 14, 2014Fun, Life Hacks, Personal Growth

Scarcity Habit Gas PricesHave you ever driven an extra couple of miles to get the cheapest gas? I used to do that all the time… especially when gas prices out here in California started going up over $4.00/gallon for the first time.

It’s easy to get caught in the “bargain” mentality and not stop to take the time to actually think about it.

A few years ago I finally, and thankfully “got” the whole gas price scarcity lesson.

I was driving home from a trip to the Grand Canyon with a couple of friends.

As you can imagine, the price of gas on the drive from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon varies tremendously. We saw prices ranging from $2.59/gallon in Arizona all the way up to $3.69/gallon in remote parts of California! And the price could fluctuate as much as 30 cents a gallon from one freeway exit to the next.

At one point on the last leg of our drive home, Barbara, who was sitting in the back seat, noticed that the gas light was on just as we missed an exit that had gas for $2.99/gallon (pretty inexpensive for California).

We pulled off at the next exit where gas was $3.09/gallon, a whopping ten-cents more per gallon. And for some reason – probably because we were all so exhausted from the drive – dropped into scarcity mode… and started talking about whether we should go back to the previous exit!

Fortunately, sanity quickly returned and we snapped out of the trance of scarcity. Back on the road, we had a good laugh when we realized that we had just actually considered driving an extra 20-miles after 10-hours of driving in order to save about $3.00!

I know, right?

Most of us have one or two scarcity “hot buttons.” These are the places in our lives where we go unconscious and our habitual patterns of scarcity take over. When we’re in those places we think, speak and act in ways that make absolutely no sense from a TRUE Abundance perspective.

Have you ever jumped up at 7:45pm, realized that you have a video due back and if it’s not there by 8:00pm you’re going to get a sixty-cent late fee and rushed out the door to return it? (You know, back in the days of video stores!)

Yup, guilty!

Have you ever spent hours shopping online, comparing products, reading reviews, looking for the lowest price, comparing shipping fees, etc., (even if it’s just a $20 product)? By the time you figure the value of your time you’ve probably blown whatever savings you found ten times over!


And don’t even get me started on airline tickets!

Now don’t get me wrong, frugality is not a bad thing and consciously seeking to save money on your purchases can absolutely contribute to your abundance. There is definite truth in “A Penny saved is a penny earned.”

However, when it’s taken to an extreme and when it’s done from an unconscious place, driven by hidden patterns of scarcity, it actually holds you back from TRUE Abundance.

So knowing where your scarcity hot buttons are and taking actions to break the habitual patterns is a very important step on your journey into TRUE Abundance.

Gas used to be one of my hot buttons. For whatever reason it used to activate my scarcity DNA and get me to go unconscious and start driving all over town to save five-cents a gallon!

As I became aware of this scarcity hot button I turned it into an opportunity to bring consciousness to it. When I caught myself in that habitual, default pattern, I started taking the opportunity to breathe, to consciously reset my vibration and move into deeper alignment with abundance… and to get my gas at the first gas station I came to!

What is your scarcity “hot button?” Where in your life does the habit of scarcity take over and push you into unconscious patterns?

When you know, in advance, that your scarcity gets awakened when you’re looking for a gas station, or shopping online or whatever, you can bring awareness to the act in advance and begin the process of resetting that habitual pattern of scarcity.

For instance, if you tend to get caught in the trap of never-ending online comparison shopping, give yourself a specific and clear time limit for how long you will comparison shop online… more time for big ticket items, less for smaller items and perhaps no comparison shopping for items under $20 where the most you’ll save is two or three dollars.

Remember the value of YOUR time and the quality of your life. I don’t know about you, but I’ve discovered there are a LOT better ways to spend your time than driving all over town to find the cheapest gas!

So over the next few days pay attention to where you go into those unconscious habitual scarcity patterns. And when you discover a scarcity hot button make a commitment to bring more awareness to it and begin breaking out of that habit and into TRUE Abundance.

I’d love to hear what your scarcity hot button is.

Leave a comment below and share your scarcity hot button and what you’ve done to change your habits around it.


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  • Janette says:

    Happy Birthday Edward. Mine is on the 28th. Thank you for your article on scarcity buttons…I can so relate to that. A few years ago, a new friend told me her mother always said think of money like Monopoly money…it’s a game you consciously play. That was a big stretch for my thinking at the time but I’m feeling it more these days.

    Recently, I decided to play in the stock market a bit. So when I have $100-$200 not earmarked for something else I’ve starting buying a few stocks. I always thought I would need several thousand dollars to play in this way but now with an online brokerage with low fees, I’ve decided to feel the abundance of this fun (to me) game. So far, I’ve been able to keep it mostly in that context of like playing Monopoly…and feeling the joy of “buying hotels to put on Park Ave:)”

    One funny scarcity button I noticed was trying to buy the stock at the very lowest price for the day and feeling disappointed if the price fell a few cents below my order price. Also, noticing my emotions as the price goes up and down on any given day. Feels like a good place to practice abundance consciousness. Of course, I enjoy researching the most solid companies to buy into…that’s part of the game to me.

    Thanks again for your work here.

    • Edward Mills says:

      Happy almost birthday to you too Janette! I’ve always been a fan of Warren Buffet’s investment strategy… He says his favorite holding strategy is FOREVER! A few cents difference when you buy isn’t going make much difference over… like forever! 😉

  • Stephen says:

    Happy Birthday – fifty is nifty and sixty is awesome – or so I have heard. I have to wait 5 weeks for that.
    I used to go after cheap gas in long travels – excessively – squeezing $10 more into a full tank to store the gas for when I would be charged $0.45 more a gallon in the next town. But I changed all that. I decided to keep my car at 25% full at all times – and never be so tight with money and fear – and procrastination that I would run lower. Prosperity is a full tank of gas. And so if 25% says – I am now going to have that much or more at all times for my well being and my prosperous thinking and feeling one with the Great Spirit – then good. Also – it was announced last week – 5 months after my 25% gas or better rule for driving – that a car that has at least a minimum of 25% at all times or better actually runs better and lasts longer over time – I was gobsmacked – who knew I was not only opening my heart to prosperous car care and helping the life of my car.

    a note. a day before my first major car trip out of town 2000 miles round trip – my car died. I was devastated. But I repeated LOVING KINDNESS (3 breaths slowly) Compassion for myself (three breaths slowly) and Faith! ( three breaths slowly. I found a car in 3 days. Got it at 15% off with the final dickering and the fellow bought my car that needed a new radiator – $850 – and as I drove this 1989 Mercury Topaz – it was a beautiful drive. It was 11 years older then my other car. I used the same affirmations and breathing 400 times whenever I was starting to fear the possibility of breaking down on the highway in northern B.C. Canada. And I made it all the way there and back without incident. I found a leak in oil the day after I bought it. He had just done a oil change. BUT – when I was in Alberta I decided – I feel the need to do another oil change. It is silly but I feel it deeply and strongly. They found the gasket around the screw to the oil pan was missing. I fixed the leak. Drove home with a great big smile – and had the best road trip of my life – without fear, without fear of failure. It is not the first thought that defines us but the choice of the second thought we consciously make thereafter!

    My best wishes.

    • Edward Mills says:

      Great story Stephen. And yes, I’ve heard that also about keeping the gas tank above 1/4. When you get down below that the sediment in the tank starts gunking things up.

      And I have a feeling that 60 is going to be awesome for you! Can feel it in your enthusiasm. Way to go!

  • Barbara says:

    Until I read your post, I never realized my scarcity hot button is my taxes.
    I am self-employed and owe taxes for the past few years because I felt I needed the money to pay my bills, etc., rather than pay the IRS; as a result, the IRS has, let’s say, not been so loving toward me:)and I have caused myself a lot of stress because of this.
    Thank you for the post, this was a big aha for me and now I can look at it differently.

    Happy Birthday!!

    • Edward Mills says:

      I’ve been there, Barbara. It’s not fun. But it is such a powerful wake up call when you actually do wake up! I have a feeling, now that you see this button, that it will be less stressful and paying those back taxes off will go faster than you think!

  • Adriana says:

    Mine is chocolates!I will

  • Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I am going to be fifty in January! I hope you have a great day! Peace and Joy to you!

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