Your Purpose IS Your Path

Edward Mills Purpose Is Path ImageWhat if your every thought had immense and far-reaching effects?

What if every word you spoke transformed the world around you?

And what if every action you took influenced the course of events?

A pebble thrown into a pond cannot see the ever expanding ripples it creates in the surface of the water. It has long sunk to the bottom by the time the ripples have spread throughout the surface of the pond.

If, unlike that pebble, you could SEE the impact of the ever expanding ripples from your thoughts, words and actions how would you change? How would you choose to BE in the world?



Your thoughts DO reach have far reaching effects…

You words DO transform the world around you…

Your actions DO have influence the course of events…

…far beyond what you can see and even what you can imagine.

When you begin to accept this and align your life with this awareness, you begin living on purpose.

One of the most consistent questions I hear as a mentor, guide and teacher for Abundant Mystics is “What is my purpose.” And that question is usually followed very closely by “How can I live more fully aligned with my purpose?”

Many years ago, I taught a course at a local college called From Purpose to Path. It was a powerful course that changed a lot of lives.

But I can summarize the entire course in one paragraph that will keep you moving forward on your path and purpose for many years to come.

Your purpose is not a destination or destiny. Your purpose was not predetermined nor will you discover it through analysis. It is through its pursuit that your Purpose reveals itself, not as a static, stagnant statement but as an ever changing, evolving and expanding expression of your presence in the world. Your Purpose IS Your Path.

When you understand this you realize there is no reason to wait to take action. You do not need to “know” your purpose to move forward.

For it is, in fact, the very act of moving forward that allows you to step ever more fully into your purpose. You embody your purpose through purposeful action.

Your every thought, word and action is a movement that creates ripples in the world around you.

Abundant Mystic Gaia Ripples Image

In each moment, you have the opportunity to step forward into a deeper embodiment of your purpose.

How will you choose to step forward? How will you choose to embody your purpose through purposeful action?

Leave a comment below and share how you will embody your purpose today!

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