Abundant Mystic Rebirth - New DayThere’s a little patch of blue shining through the low clouds hanging over the headlands.

I’m sitting by the window at my favorite new restaurant out at the coast. The Russian River is across the street. The Pacific Ocean is just around the bend.

A flock (is that what you call it) of cormorants are splashing and playing across the river.

As I walked in I could hear the calls of the Seals that hang out by the mouth of the river and an Osprey glided silently up the river in search of its morning meal.

It’s early.

I left the house at 5:30… would have definitely qualified as “O-Dark-Thirty” except that the glow from the mostly full moon shone through and illuminated the clouds creating a false dawn.

The promise of rebirth, the reminder of this day, called me out here this early.

Climbing to the top of Red Hill in the pre-dawn grayness, signs of rebirth were all around: small birds waking up in the thickets beside the trail, a Deer trotting through the high grass, two Hawks beginning their morning flight, the haunting chants of the Doves, Owls in the Redwood grove calling to each other as they prepare for their day of rest after a night of hunting, even the light rain that began to fall as I reached the top of the hill – offering me a gentle cleansing on my journey.

I was reminded that, for the animals, every day is a rebirth, every day is a new day.

Not always for us.

Every day COULD be a rebirth for us.

After all, what an incredible miracle this life is!

What a blessing it is to wake up each morning and begin our lives anew. Every morning, a new beginning, a new possibility. 

And yet… for most of us, each morning feels just like the last one. “Same ole same ole!

Instead of looking forward to the wonderful new surprises and the beautiful blessings this new day has waiting for us, we too often focus on the same problems, obstacles, and difficulties we had yesterday.

But today is a special day. Well all days are special – that’s the whole point here – but today is extra special because it offers us a reminder!

Today is Easter, the day we celebrate the rebirth of Christ.

Now I’m not religious – and I’m actually a bit embarrassed to say that for most of my life I didn’t know what Easter actually celebrated! I knew it involved lots of eggs and chocolate and bunnies… but that was about as far as I got! 😉

For the last few years, though, I’ve been drawn to the symbolism of resurrection and rebirth and to the quickening of the Christ Consciousness Energy awakening in me and in our world.

Now whether or not you are drawn to the awakening of Christ Consciousness, the vibrational signature of symbolic rebirth this day offers is very powerful!

If you were to start your life fresh… if you were to be reborn, what would you choose to leave behind in your “old” life? And what would you choose to activate in your new life?

Who would you choose to be if you emerged from a cave… reborn?

You have this choice today…

And every day!

Every morning you rise, a new you. 

Every morning you have the chance to choose where you will focus your attention.

Every morning you have the opportunity to choose who you want to be in your new life.

So where will you choose to focus your attention today?

And who will you choose to be today?

Today is YOUR reBIRTH Day!

Let’s celebrate the New You!

Abundance blessings


PS. I LOVE that just as I was finishing this note it started raining hard!

We need the rain here… big time. But more than that, I love the clearing, cleansing confirmation of the presence of the water. Washing away that which is ready to be left behind!

A big part of reBirth is letting go! And Water is such a powerful ally in the process of letting go!


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  • Karen Coltrain says:

    Lovely, Edward! Now that I’ve joined the tribe, I find I can’t get enough of your posts! I’m reading/commenting on the eve of the September 27th Blood Moon Eclipse, and as I’ve been wondering what this important eclipse season wants to unfold in my life, this post was so timely! I’m now two years past several years of caring for my aging parents, and just finally feeling like I’m getting back on my feet — physically and emotionally. (I wouldn’t trade the intense time of service to them, but I ended up exhausted and ill.) Many of my peers are now retiring, which feels so odd to me, because I’m feeling like life (on some level) has just begun, and I’m wanting so much to receive my clear guidance and know for sure where to aim all this oomph and passion that’s welling up inside me so, longing for expression. I’m counting on the “Elemental Repatterning” course to help me release any remaining “fuzz” and tune in. And I’m completely and utterly confused right now, but feeling ready. Dare I say it? I’m ready…ready for the nudge (gently, please) into this next phase of my journey.

  • Susan Mooney says:

    I am trying to move on from my older brother’s suicide. There are many extenuating circumstances that is too much to go in to on here. I am not getting the closure I want as I don’t know what the estranged wife is doing with the ashes & she has cut me off from everything.
    So I am hoping I will find new ways of coping with this situation & get on with my life in peace.

  • Billie says:

    I am trying to move on from past hurts and financial problems. I release them . You have a great calling looking to better times.

  • Tracey says:

    Leaving behind my procrastination and reservations about starting a private practice in massage and acupuncture. I intend to start studying now, enjoy it, learn lots and pass the acupuncture national boards in three months. It is time I let myself shine more and my life be supported abundantly, financially and energetically as I bring forward all my healing gifts. Welcoming those that need my skill set into my now growing practice. Asking for clarity about where that is, if it is time to move it to VA or stay in MA. Time also to take care of my own health concerns that have been put to the side because of lack of money to address them. I let go of that lack, opening to the ability to take care of what needs taking care of in me. I let go of the devastating weight of financial debt and crisis I got into by going to school. Opening to light, I welcome opportunities for financial stability, growing love, happiness, and balance in work and play.

  • Vinny says:

    I’m leaving the pain and mental suffering from my wife leaving me. I also leaving the financial struggles of my life. I leave all the guilt, past failures, and fears behind. I enter this rebirth with a new sense of me that is powerful, strong, determined, successful and fill with bountiful love and endless joy!

  • Doreen says:

    I’m leaving behind the lack of support of my family and them opening their arms wide to welcome my abusive ex husband into their lives.

  • Fiona says:

    I am leaving behind my lack of confidence in myself and all the guilt I carry from my past life choices. It needs to be done so I can become me again.

  • Noel says:

    I’m leaving behind any thoughts that I’m not ALREADY enough, and I’m activating that my essence is exactly who and what I’m supposed to be.

    I’m leaving behind any and all fear of success and fear of failure. I’m activating that I’ll be completely successful physically, mentally, and spiritually at ANYTHING I put my effort and heart into.

    I’m leaving behind procrastination, and I’m activating ACTION!

    I’m leaving behind not maximizing my potential, and I’m activating becoming the full expression of the man my Creator intends for me to be!

    So be it!

    • Edward Mills says:

      I can really feel the power of your intention Noel. It’s time for Divinely Inspired ACTION. Holding that vision for you!

  • Kittie says:

    I have need to start a new life. My husband of 37 years passed away. I now have to give up my dreams and to work on a new life. It is very hard. I need security. I have been fighting all my life to feel safe and secure.

  • Nicole says:

    Leave behind: Homelessness, poverty, deprivation, lack, coercion, violence, traumatic imprints from this and other lifetimes, other people’s projections, prohibitions, permission blockers, “work.”
    Choose to activate: Abundant creativity with a perfect connection to my unconscious and to Source; a real home that I can’t be kicked out of, abundant money and other financial resources so that I can use my time freely, however I wish; beautiful, uplifted surroundings; reconnection with my soul family (i.e. people whom I adore and who adore me and support me unconditionally); spiritual and energetic sovereignty; remembering who I am at the higher levels; clear connection to Source; full development of my gifts at all levels; clear, two-way connection to my own guidance; clear discernment; clarity on my life purpose; courage and strength of will to carry this out; lots and lots of play!

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