10 Simple Ways to Amplify Appreciation Energy


Want more Sacred Abundance in your life?

Appreciation is one of the fastest and most effective ways to open the flow of abundance. Gratitude is a catalyst that amplifies the energy of abundance.

Given how challenging life can be, it’s not always easy to feel and express appreciation. So, to help you “get your gratitude on,” here are 10 easy ways that you can amplify the energy of appreciation in your life… so that you can tap into more of the energy of Sacred Abundance!

1. Start your day with gratitude:

Before you get out of bed in the morning say these simple words, “Thank you for this new day!” That’s it. You can add other stuff if you want. But even just that simple phrase will make a big difference in the way your day unfolds… and more important, in the way you experience the unfolding of your day. Before I let my feet touch the ground I say something like, “Thank you for this day Spirit. Thank you for all the blessings waiting to surprise me. Thank you for the challenges that will stretch me and support my growth and evolution. Thank you for all the beauty that awaits me. Thank you for it all.”

Abundant Mystic Give Thanks for Food2. Give thanks for your food:

The act of “saying grace” has fallen out of favor lately. It’s interesting to notice that I still feel a bit uncomfortable when I’m out at a restaurant and take a moment to pause with my hands over the food and offer my thanks. You don’t have to do this for every meal. How about picking one meal a day to become your “gratitude meal” and taking just a moment to pause and offer thanks for the food and the people who grew it and processed it and prepared it. Oh and you’ll get an extra benefit… the food will actually taste better!

3. Say “Thank You:”

Yeah, this seems kind of obvious. But unfortunately… it’s not. It’s so easy to say. Just 2 simple syllables: THANK – YOU. And yet, we say it so infrequently. How about setting a goal of saying thank you at least 10-times today. I bet you’ll find there are lots of times you could be saying thank you but are letting the opportunity slip by.

4. Mean it when you say thank you:

I suppose this could be 3b because it’s very much connected to the last one. If you’re someone who says “thank you” a lot, check in to see if the words still have meaning. Are you really thanking someone or are you just being polite (you know, kind of like asking someone how they are doing when you aren’t actually interested in hearing their answer)? Get into the habit of pausing when you say “thank you” to see if you really ARE thankful.

Abundant mystic Gratitude Stroll5. Go on a Gratitude Stroll:

This is one of my favorites! Set aside between 5 – 20 minutes during a regularly scheduled walk or schedule a special walk just for this. This walk is not for exercising your body… it’s for exercising your appreciation muscles. The goal of this walk is to always have something in your perception that you appreciate. If you’re walking in nature it’s pretty easy: “What a beautiful old tree”… or “listen to that amazing bird call”… and “Oh, what an incredible view”… “Look at that ray of light coming down through the trees.” You get the idea. Now it can be a little more challenging (good!) if you’re in a city. “Oh, how awesome… The person in that car actually stopped at the crosswalk and let that person cross!”… or “Hey, there’s the new Tesla, beautiful.”… or “Look at how pretty the reflection of that tree is in that window.”… And “Ooh, that dress she’s wearing is gorgeous.”… And of course, “I love the smell of coffee coming from that cafe.”

6. 5-Minute Appreciation Binge:

Take out a notebook and pen. Set a timer for 5-minutes and go crazy with appreciation. Just start writing down everything you can think of to appreciate… The big stuff, the little stuff, the people, the places, the things, the thoughts… Appreciate the clothes you love and the shoes. Appreciate how amazing it is that we have so many styles to choose from. Appreciate your food and your home and your car and your furniture. Appreciate it all. And don’t stop. If you get stuck, look around for something seemingly insignificant to appreciate… the pen you’re writing with, the chair you’re sitting on, the carpet, a painting on the wall… anything… just get the appreciation juices flowing again.

7. Appreciate yourself:

For some people, this can be the most difficult one of all. It’s great to do this in the morning… gets your day off to a great start! Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Thank you.” And really mean it. Appreciate something about yourself… your hair, your eyes, your smile, the way you stand, the way you keep showing up for challenges, the way you held the door for someone earlier, the way you took care of your sick child earlier in the week, the way you ate a healthy breakfast this morning… find something about yourself to appreciate… and let yourself know!

8. Send someone a Gratitude Letter:

Set aside some time one evening or next weekend to write someone a letter of appreciation. Could be a teacher who had a positive impact on you, an old (or new) friend, a family member or even someone you don’t know who has had a positive impact on you in some way. It could even be a letter of appreciation to someone who has passed into the next world. Expressing and sharing your gratitude is a great way to amplify the energy.

9 Recruit Others:

Gratitude loves company… and it makes for much better company than misery! Want to amplify gratitude quickly? Invite others to join you. When you’re having lunch with a friend casually ask her, “What are you grateful for.” Having some people over for dinner… Invite them each to share one thing they’re grateful for from the day. Want to get really bold? Start a business meeting with a round of gratitude. You’ll be amazed at how it will completely change and uplift the energy of the meeting.

10. Evening Gratitude Journal:

You want to really amplify your Appreciation and Abundance? Start keeping a gratitude journal on your bedside table and write down 5 things you appreciate each night before going to sleep. There’s nothing like taking the vibration of appreciation to bed with you. It sets you up for a great night of restorative and healing sleep.

Abundant Mystic Gratitude Changes EverythingBONUS ROUND #1:

And if you REALLY want amplify the positive impact appreciation has on your life…Appreciate things you don’t like. Yup, give thanks for a thing, situation or person that you normally wouldn’t think about appreciating.

Maybe take a moment to appreciate a co-worker who annoys you or the parking ticket you got or the old sofa you’ve got with a big a stain on it. When you start to find something you can appreciate about the irritating, annoying, challenging parts of your life… well then you know you have stepped onto the fast track to Sacred Abundance.


And if you REALLY REALLY want to amplify the positive impact appreciation has on your life… share your appreciation with someone who bugs you. Yup, that irritating co-worker from above… Thank him for covering for you that day you were out sick. That parking enforcement officer who you gave you that ticket… Let her know that you appreciate how hard her job must be… especially when people catch her putting a ticket on their car. You get the idea.

That’s it. Cultivating a consistent attitude of gratitude will put you on the fast track to Sacred Abundance. In fact, taking a cue from Meister Eckhart,  if I had to pick just one thing to focus on in my Practice of Sacred Abundance, it would be gratitude.

Meister Eckhart expresses the singular power of gratitude so beautifully with these words:

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, that will be enough.”

The Abundant Mystic - Meister Eckhart GR

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  • Mary Jo DeRusha says:

    Thank you for the great ways to show gratitude! I see some new ideas that I have not been exposed to so I am very grateful for new and fun ideas. Have a blessed day!!

  • Vera Ellen Rich, M.Acc., C.P.A. says:

    I have been so “process and results driven” lately that I forget to lift my head, breathe in fresh air, look around and within, and thank you, Lord, for my beautiful new day and special Grace. I thank Him for my challenges — which gives me projects to tackle, vistas to enjoy, and new ways to perceive what appears “simple” – but isn’t. I am grateful to love and enjoy my family and friends anew THIS minute, THIS day — to stay connected to their life, loves, and challenges. I thank you, Lord, for the education I was given and the ability to express my thoughts in simple words of Grace.

    All of these “attitudes of gratitude” were given to me today by your clear reminder that we are ALWAYS more blessed than not, more loved than we know, and more happy than we can say “Grace” over. So, thank you, too — for your positive Spirit and encouragement to simply be content therewith.

  • Leanne Whalen says:

    Lol. I had a friend once whobsaid i didn’t have to thank him so much. (I’m Canadian…we do that). I blurtrd out, “Are you kidding me? It’s the most powerful prayer i know!”

    So, thank you 🙂

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