Take Your Life Off Hold

Have you ever felt like your life was “on hold?”

Life on Hold - Now or Later- Abundant Mystic It’s easy. We do it a lot… usually without even noticing.

I’m noticing it very acutely right now. With my Aunt in the final moments of her life I notice the voice in my head saying:

“You can’t start anything now. You’re going to have to leave at a moments notice to fly back east for the funeral. You’ll be distracted. Much better to wait until all of this is over and you can be fully present.”

Something like that.

I had a similar experience back in January when my father went into the hospital and, for a couple of days it wasn’t looking good and I thought I might have to jump on a plane to get back there.

Life on hold.

Now certainly there are times when, to some degree, your life really is on hold. I mean, I’m not going to schedule a live call for the Abundant Mystic Tribe this week knowing that there’s a good chance I would have to cancel it.

But I’ve also been thinking about other times and circumstances when we put our lives on hold. The times we feel like we’re “waiting” for something and we hold off on making a decision or taking an action until that something else happens.

Maybe you’ve had thoughts like this…

  • “When the weekend comes I’ll give myself a break.”
  • “When I have enough money saved I’ll start my business.”
  • “When my next vacation comes I’ll spend more time with my family.”
  • “When I get that information I’m waiting for I can finish this project.”
  • “When the economy gets better I’ll take that vacation.”
  • “When I have more free time I’ll start writing my book.”
  • “When I retire I’ll learn to play the piano.”

One of my spiritual coaches is constantly reminding me and pointing out when I have fallen into the “When I… Then I’ll” trap: When this happens then I’ll do that.”

Any time you are in a When I Then I situation, your life is on hold.

It may not be as obviously on hold as when someone close to you is dying. But it is on hold.

These last few days have given me an opportunity to look at the places where I have put my life and business on hold.

And I invite you to join me in taking advantage of this opportunity to choose at least one area of your life that has been on hold… and take it OFF HOLD.

Reclaim YOUR power.

Dream BIG - Take Action - Abundant MysticStep out of the trap of believing that you are “stuck” until something outside of you shifts.

Even if you really do need something in order to move forward, explore other things you can do while you are waiting.

In any project and in every life there are ALWAYS steps to be taken that move you forward towards your dreams and visions.

And the interesting thing is that when you DO take one of those other steps… the part of your life or project that was “on hold” often shifts as a result of the steps you have taken.

Come share what step you’re going to take in the Abundant Mystic Tribe Facebook Group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/abundantmystic/

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