Thank you for this day Spirit!

We all have Power Places… these are the places that renew and restore and reawaken us. One of my Power Places is a local hot springs. I do my best to get up there at least once a month.

I was there on Thursday and could feel the infusion of Cosmic and Gaian Energy clearing, cleansing and refilling me.

After a beautiful night sleeping outside, spending much of it watching the almost full “Super Moon” make its graceful arc through the sky, I woke up with Karen Drucker’s song Thank you for this day Spirit┬ásinging itself to me.

There really is so much for which to be thankful.

Last night’s Super Moon seems to have done some good clearing… and this morning I rose to …. RAIN. Yes, rain in August in Northern California.

Thank you Spirit for this beautiful healing, clearing, cleansing and much needed rain!

Take a listen to Karen’s beautiful song and then leave a comment with what you are grateful for today… or come on by the Abundant Mystic Tribe Facebook Group and share some of your gratitude over there.

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